Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lady on the lake

As he walked down the crooked pathway

He looked around the corner

She was there in the boat on the water

He smiled as his eyes fixed on her beauty

She replied with a smile of her own

She was quiet and timid

He was fun and had no limits

Could it work? Could he change?

She stood up in the boat

And stepped forward to move

But her shoe lace got caught

She felt awkward

Her thought would daddy approve

Just then she lost her balance

And fell head first right into the water

A loud roar came from the river bank

Don’t worry I’m coming to help you daughter

She splashed and cried out help me?

For all around to hear

But the first one to her rescue

Was the boy she loved so dear

He pulled her from the water

He was like a fighting machine

His strong arms held her to safety

He was indeed very keen

Everyone clapped and cheered

He was the local hero that day

He won so many hearts

No one or nothing could take his love away

She recovered from her trauma

She gave her dad a fright

If it wasn’t for you young man

My daughter would have drowned this night

I wanted to thank you kindly

If there is anything I can do

Don’t hesitate to ask me

I owe you a favour or two

Well there is just one thing you see

Someday I would like to marry your daughter

My lady on the water

If I could paint a picture

Her face of perfection I see

She has her dancing eyes

There waiting to explore life

Waiting to live

Waiting to be with me

So her father gave them his blessing

He wished them a lifetime of happiness

A lifetime of laughter

And most of all his love for her for ever after

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