Sunday, 1 January 2012

Let Me Go

Where will this road take us
What path to take
Which one will break us
Who knows?

I cherish you
But i should let you go
For if i dont
We will only tare each others hearts apart

You knew from the beginning
this just couldnt last
What you done to me back then
Is in the past

The cold damp wall
It stops my fall
Its not a solution
Its not an answer

As i walk ahead i hear you call
I keep on going
You cry to me come back
I stroll on silently
Refusing to look back

There you are on the ground
 in a large mess
Your not so confidant now
Your not trying to impress

I use to feel the way you do
But time has a way of changing my point of view
There was a time back long ago
When i would of done anything for you

It is too late now to undo whats done
You let me go you let me run
You should of got up off that road that day
You should of fought to keep me not let me o my own way

I  hear your calls i hear your crys
But did you hear mine
When you made my sleepy eyes compromise
I done what ever you asked me to do
I would of gone to the end of the earth for you

So cry into your bottle of self pity
And feel so sorry for you
But i wont be doing anymore
I now have a life since i left you

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