Saturday, 14 January 2012

Light up my darkness

Help me find who i am
I'm caught inside myself
I look at my emptyness
My head is filled with darkness

I do not laugh anymore
I do not speak words
I do not explore my world

I stay inside myself
I do not travel
My body is like and isolated island
My heart is like a fragile piece of china 

I should open up
I should go out and walk
This is just to much for me
My head is the only space
That my eyes can see

No ones hears me
No one see's what i see
Sometimes i want to tell someone
How i really feel

But the words
Just wont come
The thoughts go round and round
My mind is like a whirlpool
Of words, images and sound

Slow down and breath
I tell myself
I turn to you
I know you can help

The panic and worry
Is all gone now
I'm glad i opened up
I dont want to keep
It all shut away

I dont want to hide away anymore
I want to go out now
I want to explore
I dont want to hide behind
My fears anymore

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