Thursday, 26 January 2012

Watching over you

He looks down from clouds above
If his arms could touch you
They would surround you with his love
His smile would light up a room

I know you miss him
You would fly to him
if you had a magic broom
When all these taughts are running through your head

And life passes by as you visit his flowery bed
kiss him good night and wish him well
Dont be upset my friend
try not to dwell

I know you are suffering
I know the pain is hard
Its like a knife cutting into you
Your like a crumpled piece of card

Let yourself grieve
let yourself believe
He is always there
Watching over you

someday you meet again
wipe away the tears from your eyes
hold his picture close to you
talk out and dont diguise

The emptyness and lonelyness
That you feel inside
Let people in
you can talk
Its hard for you to where to begin

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