Monday, 30 April 2012

Fight the fight

As skin changes as does hair
Should we use these face creams
And boxes of colours so many out there
Red ones black ones burgundy and blonde
Which one will I be today?
And where’s my magic wand

Eating healthy
Fruit filled basket of delight
Running, walking, cycling and swimming
Should we give up the fight?

Running around like wonder woman in our super pants
Doing so much we sometimes let out a shout and our rants
Housework real work going like the wind
One hundred miles an hour
Of time we spend

Yoga and aerobics
Relaxing breathing in and out
Sitting down tv time
Let it all hang out

Loose clothes favourite ones
Old tired and worn
Some of our favourites
Especially the ones that are torn

Comfort and softness
Comfy blankets and socks
Stiff drink and cocktails
Vodka on the rocks

Lifetime and special times
Times spent together
Watching the sun go down
Enjoying the sunny weather

So as you sit back after a long day of go
Enjoy yourself and relax
Live life to the max
All the things we do in life all the ups and downs
We go through so many phases
We try to loose the pounds

Be who you are
Be glad of who you become
Do not try to be someone else
Do not try to over come
Something you are not
Be confident in your own skin
Not fade away that would be a sin

Fading Words Disappear

Sitting in the packed room
Shone away from all
Everyone else laughing
Words exchanged having a ball

Time lapses
Her eyes feed fear
Everything she knows right now
Seems to disappear

Flicking her hair over her shoulder
Wondering will this makes her more comfortable
Twitching and hands clasped tightly together
Hunger opens her stomach
She tries to fight

As silence begins to fill the room
And her heart sinks down
Her upset empties away
As her mind it challenged that day

Volumes speak out loud
Shuffling and coughing of the crowd
Speaker takes over the scene of new
Her focus is also fixed too

How she wishes she could feel more
Other than these feeling she is about to explore
Wondering thoughts fill her mind
It fills her vision

Fixated on its precision
As the day folds into itself
So does her appearance and confidence
Fading into who she was once before
Wishing she could mingle and communicate more

She shies away from all glaring eyes
From whispers of the gathered crowd
From atmosphere combined
As the door shuts closed behind her of this place
This derelict building held many a memory of those days

She was the only one who really sat in the room
She was the only one who could be there so soon
No one else existed she was the only one alive
Fading away into the background was their way of life

So as she left this place of times gone by
It almost brought her sadness
And a tear to her eye
Wishing that she had voiced herself when all were there to hear
Now all she could do was do it from an empty room and chair 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

With the devil on your back

Work hard go at will
Try to impress not to stand still
Work, work he cracks the whip
Get it done quickly! Quick! Quick!

Rushing around carrying your heart in your hand
It’s beating so fast
Louder than a marching band
He works you to the bone
He wont stop you soldier on

He roars his orders you bend and please
Don’t stop now you’re on your knees
Scrubbing and cleaning digging and all
The devil lets out a roar break time all

So at last you can rest for a minute or two
To enjoy some thing to eat and drink
But before the food can hit your mouth
He cracks the whip
The devil is back he is shouting once again
Order about these poor weak men

Oh when the day is done and so is the work
Where does the devil go?
Does he go berserk?
His poor family if he has any
No one seems to know
Where does he go?

He walks by gives them shivers down their back
His very presence is enough to make them sick
Terrible working conditions
The devils eyes roll they flick
Come on now get more done
The more the do the less he approves
This devil man is someone’s son

Where did they go wrong?
For him to turn out this way
No respect for others
No time to give
His mind is like a cauldron of sin

So as the evening rolls in
Its time for the men to crawl home
Tired worn and hungry
They can wait to see their loved
The devil man he stands in the middle of their work
And tells himself he will do better tomorrow
To get them to do more than before
He remembers his father doing this to him
He was never giving a break
He was criticised and had to compromise
His life so young away
His father was cruel and hard
He never gave him any love
He did not know affection
He only knew how to dictate and shove

Who knows what went on in this place?

Who knows where our ancestors go?
Who knows the places they have travelled before?
Who knows how they came to be here
How did they get the rocks up here so bare?

As families visit the beautiful of rocks of stone
No one wants to leave them alone
Thousands of years of history
Men women and children used to walk through these fields

The cap stone is one of the biggest in the world
How did it get here who knows?
With all the machinery we have today
No can explain how they stormed through the weather
Men were hunters as they would gather firewood and food
Women were home builders and keep the children from harm

Pictures hang close to show us of life back then
Hunter gathers were those men Men
Free to roam the fields of fruit filled life
Using their shark stones as they knife
Buried beneath the rocks so deep
When we stand by this place
We hear the bleating of the sheep

I remember running past the bull to get here
Two or three fields to pass him it was a good dare
Now there is a road and the lane with fruit filled life
We would run like the wind
To avoid the bull he would scare
The life out of us he ran with speed
We always got away
Lucky for us

I remember running past the bull to get here
Two or three fields to pass him it was a good dare
Now there is a road and the lane way is clear
So step back in time
To the ancestors of yester year
Read about their life be amazed by what they done
The evening light fills up the night
They show their

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Magical Dust

As particles of dust
Come in the window of rust
They dance like tiny fairies
They glide and make us merry

We wonder as we look on
Just where exactly they come from
As the sun shines down on them
They are going up and down
Causing mayhem

Shadows of spirit like orbs
Bouncing around the room
Especially when it is time to use the broom
White lights of fascination

My mind is drawn in
Heart is a flutter
No words can explain
No thoughts can I utter

Dancing little fairy dust
Dancing like a silhouette
Wonders of what you are
Wonders of where you left

Holding out my hand to catch
You refuse to let me touch you
Pulling, refusing to fall
Sucked up my the very air that you breath
You’re bouncing perfect ball

Free as the mind
Free like the wind and rain
Wonders of your tiny magical kite
So many escape through the portal of light

Friday, 27 April 2012

The trouble is our economy

The problems seem to never go away
The problems of years gone by
The problems of yesterday
We are in the same boat
As we were before
But instead of a canoe we are struggling to shore

We up to our eyes indebt in this country
Begging and borrowing from other countries
We have more homeless people on the streets than before
We have borrowing and begging on our doors

No jobs no work the gravy train is dry
The rush of the economy would bring a tear to your eye
The rat race the competition the up the ladder 1,2,3
We want it all now
Cant wait you see

No one can live with the banks taking money out every other day
People wondering if they can survive another day
Bills to pay mortgages due
Tax man is on our backs
Trying to survive the obvious mental cracks

Surplus spending out of control economists
Look on is all we can
We can be the pessimists
We see the talks that go on in the news every day
But talking wont resolve the issues or make them go away
We are been asked to sign a treaty
To give ourselves to them
Or no more bail out funds
No more friendly handshakes or loans

So give in and surrender
Do what’s right for your country
Not have your own opinion
Not give in to the pressure that’s been pushed on you
We refused it the first time
This time there is no return
Some say the nerve of us to borrow
And give nothing in return

We have giving all
That there is left to give
Apart taking out our blood and bones
And putting it through a sieve
Like the bonds and market holders have done
The money is gone there’s no return
People been put in jail for staggering home
Walking along like a snail
When others have caused such immense damage to our economy
Nothings been done to reassure the likes of you and me
We hang our heads in hope
That the tides will turn once more
And bring our families back to our beautiful Irish shores

The trouble is a sweet Tooth

The trouble with a sweet tooth
It can give you cavities and a bad tooth
You don’t mind as they give you pleasure
Chocolate gives you joy
Nothing else can measure

Have a banana or some cake
Eat a scone
Or starve yourself of these and feel inside like a rake
The simple truth is their just to hard to resist

We must have them our id insists
We want them when we are tired and worn
When its been a horrible day out
Or our heart is torn

We love round ones, square one and all shapes and sizes
We like ones that come in wrapped boxes
They are the best surprises
Melting the chocolate on your tongue
Or chewing up the last of the bubble gum

Snacking on tayto so salty
So thick and thin
My favourite is mini chips
Full of vinegar
An awful sin

Shame on me for liking these so
I don’t mind
As I find the balance between the good and the bad
I have earned my secret stash of sweets
They drive our kids mad

Everything in moderation
That’s how I was brought up
A little bit of naughtiness
Is what makes us US

So eat your sweets at your pleasure
Be mindful of what’s your measure
Enjoy a bit of this and that
You’re like the cat who got the cream
You enjoy them like ice cream

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wash Away my Worries

Washing away my worries
Washing away my wrinkles
Washing away my dark circles
Oh what a day it has been

Wonder what tomorrow brings
Wonder what song he sings
Wonder where he is tonight
Wonder if he had some fight

Easy come easy go
He is afraid to put his feelings on show
He can hide them oh to well
He can turn right into his shell

Purple glass and heather
Mood swings or stormy weather
Shatter like built up emotions
Like burst of explosions

Falling to his knees
Falling down as she aims to please
Forget me knots
Forget her lots

Try as she may
He will not
Try to understand
The burning feeling inside her heart
It feels so hot

Wanting to be more
Than she can be
Wanting to get away
Break free

As the poison enters down his throat
He will stagger into the night
Like a bird trying to take flight
Gathering himself
Ssshh don’t let anyone see
Don’t let them see the real me

He sways his shadow of himself
To his home
She was once waiting
But has gone now
Not able to take him on anymore

As he realises no more she will take
His reality hits him
He chose it first for her sake
He cannot see why she wont stay
He doesn’t want her to go away
She once returned
As nothing had changed
She walked out the door
No words exchanged

A pitiful sight to her eyes was he
She had more to herself than the eye could see
As the door shut closed
She knew he was no more
She was herself once again
Walking as fast as she could
She almost ran

Wild Horses

As you run about like thunder
With freedom on your back
No one to shackle you
No one to whip and crack

No one to break you down
You can walk amongst the fields
You can jump and be yourself
Living life in ease

Drinking from the river bank
Eating fresh grass of delight
Sheltered in the trees hung low
Apples fall below

A favourite of yours
Something of a treat
Hiding away underneath
The suns heat

As you rise to the evenings cold crispy air
Your eyes reflect the glowing stars
Fog steams from your mouth so bare

A white stripe follows the line from your back
This is your signature mark
Your running once again as morning comes about
You’re so gracious and wonderful
As you gallop about

So run free now
No startle to fill your mind
Run like the wind
Not looking behind
As you gallop over the dried side grass
You’re a wonder to my eyes
A beauty of class

Puppy Love

When we first got you
You were so small
You played about and nipped my fingers with your mouth
You ran about with a soft tiny ball

Jumping and diving across the floor
Scrambling and scratching
We smile at your playfulness
We can’t ignore

As we welcome you in to our arms of love
You are the missing link
A beautiful puppy heaven above
You sit and look into my eyes

You make my daughters laugh and be happy
Your spots are as black as coal
As white fills the rest of your body as a whole
Big brown eyes so human like

We sit for days contemplating what your name will be
When my daughter turns to me and asks me my story
About the time when I had a puppy
When I was small
She says we will call him Rex
After your memory you could recall

You have grown now but not to much
You have a gentle soft touch
Cuddling you and loving you
As you give us so much fulfilment
You were the runt of the litter
You were thrown to the side

We won’t do this
We will mind
Obey and sit is what you like to do
You also like to run about
The chairs and my legs
You’re a rascal in your own way
But you filled us with love and joy
The day your owners gave you to us that day

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Shelter me from the Rain

This wall that we sit near
Is our shelter from the rain?
The ground is our blanket
Its hard cold and plain

Looking at the sky
Moon is full and bright
This is our candle
This is our light

A shooting star goes by
You tell me to make a wish
I tell you don’t be silly
I cant possibly

You say make one go and do it
I make one then
You ask me again
So what did you wish for?

I can’t tell
For if I do it won’t come true
You lean over and tell me you knew
Is this what you wished for?
As a your lips they meet mine
So tender and soft
So luscious and divine

Holding me in your arms
As the breeze catches the leaves
The tender scent of lilac
The cool crispy air makes our words disappear

As you brush back my soft gentle hair
And whisper in my ear
That you will love me for ever
That you will always care

As our hearts are entwined
As is our minds
Like nothing can change this moment in time
We will cherish it forever

Hard to let Go

As I sit here waiting, waiting for you
Are you even coming?
Why do I sit?
I deserve more

Give me your hand you said
I will take care of you
I won’t leave without saying goodbye
I won’t hurt you or make you cry

So tell me your lies
There all I have heard before
Stop trying to build bridges
It is to late now

Listen clearly
Listen to me
Holding on to someone
Is as foolish a price you pay?
Understanding why you did not turn up
Why you shied away

Break down and be restless
Be the man you once were
Open up what’s in your heart
Bring me hurt some more

I can’t stand here waiting
For you to come back
Waiting for what has never been
I want you to stay away
When looking back
Do not blame me
You’re the one who threw away the key

If I would let you in
To unlock my heart again
I would be foolish
To trust you
So walk away
And keep on running
Cause you have scared me
And burnt me inside
How can I understand or trust again?
How can I confide?

Glory Hunter

When all eyes are on you
The ball is at your feet
Standing in front of the goal
You want it to go in
Do not want to admit defeat

As a team you pull together
Passing the ball at all times
But there is always a glory hunter
Who runs with it and wont pass?
He is acting like a single man team
Nothing can compare to him or contrast

He is out on his own this fella
Sure without him the team would fall apart
If only he would pass the ball
They would have been ahead from the start

Forward and backs
Midfield their on the ball
Running all over the place
They wont stall

As it comes down to penalties
The scores are the same
Oh what a close game this has been
This wonderful soccer game

So as the crowd stand with baited breath
The atmosphere is electric
The ball is set in place
Will or wont he get it?

As the ball is kicked it seems to take flight
High above everyone’s heads
It looks to be right
Then as luck would have it
Falling down in time
Like a bolt of lightening
It goes in
The crowd shout out
The team you win

Grown men fall to their feet
Women love it all
The team that won the game that day
They deserved to win
Their smiles on their faces was priceless
Nothing can take away that grin

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Let yourself Go

Eyes are like shadows of heads hanging low
Empty hearts minds of snow
Icy patches across like a mask
Staring into the warmth of the glass

Smiling thoughts
Silent moves
Bewildered words
Shoes with grooves

Foot prints of the outside world
Fill an open floor
Music plays loudly
Happiness galore

Then the mood drops
As the speaker he comes in
He is not one for smiling he doesn’t have a grin
Holding up the bar

Words of hard and cruel
Dribbles from his mouth
Slither and drool
Barely makes his way to comb the seat with his head
This will do him now this is his bed

The music plays out
Women let out a shout
The dust is finding its way
In to the air so bare

As the light slowly passes it
The boards move in time
The men have had enough for now
The women want more wine

Times up now ladies and gentle men
Last orders if you please
Have you no home to go to
Their hungry and want a feed

As silhouettes and shadows pass by
The bar of music and dance
And hotdogs, burgers and greasy chips
Fill the empty hearts
Trying to get home will be no easy task
Flagging down a taxi how much is it? he does ask
He gets in not knowing where to go
Ah its ok I will sleep now he knows
I am to tired and slow

A time to chill

Sometimes there are no answers
Only questions that hang still
No matter how we try to push ourselves
Even when we have nothing left no will

Try to hold my hands out straight
Try to close my eyes to meditate
As circles fill my face
Of colours old and new

I wonder when I finish
What will I do?
As I have been so busy
My days so full of work

Peace and time to myself
Now that will be something I will enjoy
I will not mind it at all
I will watch the clouds go by

Long summer evenings
Time with the family
Nothing to do but relax
Perhaps by the sea

Waiting on my answer
To see did I get a place?
To attend the college I want
To leave the race and pace

Time to read and write
Finish my story I once knew
Catching up will take time
But at least until then I will write poetry and rhyme

Longing for summer holidays
Waiting for the school break
Time to spend with family
And bake some birthday cake

When lightening strikes twice

I know I have seen you somewhere before
Remembering you cross the footpath
As I tripped over and nearly fell through the glass door
Your smile and manner it caught my eye

I told myself someday I will get that boy
As time went by so did life
I was with another
Such is life

Then on that night on the bridge
You stroked my ankles
It gave me the chills
In a good way not in bad
My belly went a flutter
I had a smile on my face
Almost looked mad

Our paths had crossed again
We were suppose to be together
We danced the night away
And vowed to live with one another that day

You completed my world
You made me who I am
I am glad to say that you are my man
The simple things that you do for me
Like bringing me breakfast in bed
My toast and my tea

We may be like ships in the night
But I know that night we did something right
We have never split up or parted our ways
Almost 20 yrs now
You still amaze me

Your so selfless and given
All you do for me and your family
No money can buy
The happiness and love you bring to me
I love you more than time itself
You’re my hour glass sand filled heart in my chest of a shelf

As time goes by and our children grow up
They are equal to you and that’s pretty tough
You have been my inspiration from the day we met
On that you can believe
I will never have any regrets
I love you more than now
Even more than then
I wish they could clone you
If I was to mark you, you’re my 10 out of 10

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Looking in the Mirror

Life was complicated
Her situation was under estimated
She tried to fit in
But was not allowed

She was pushed in to isolation
Not included in all that was there for the taking
At home things were no better
She worked hard to participate

But to no avail
Nothing she done could compensate
Working hard and getting no thanks in return
Hands tired, body and mind empty

No matter what she done
Others took plenty
Standing alone in the world
No one to turn to

Looking at herself in the mirror
She couldn’t stand at who she seen
Not one for makeup
She had a face of porcelain

Crying in bed at night
Trying to make sense of it all
When a knock on the door the follow day
A friend from the past

Had come to see her
They had a blast
They chatted away for hours on end
She now had someone to turn to she had a friend

Her friend got to the bottom of what was going on
She had isolated herself and didn’t know where she did belong
As her confidence grew so did she
Nothing stayed the same
She could be the person now she wanted to be

Looking and judging herself was her biggest flaw
Looking in the mirror now was so easy for her
Taking pride in who she was it felt like she had won the draw
This was her cross roads
She now knew which road to take
She knew who she was
She was not fake

Friday, 20 April 2012

Let’s Begin

How and where to begin
Know where to go in case I sin
Say prayers for those who are sick and old
And miracles for those who are brazen and bold
Let’s share laughter and smiles in the day
And enjoy the here and now
Not wonder of come what may
Dance in the sunlight
Dance in the rain
Do not get stressed over the silly things
As life will still remain the same
Do the best you can for yourself and family
Wonder, travel and educate yourself
To as far as the eye can see
Embrace the environment
Take time to talk to the new
A simple smile can change some ones mood
From blue into a whole feeling of warmth too
There is always some one in difficulty
It is nice to help them out
It does not need to be financial
It can be word of mouth
As people are losing their jobs
Their homes and property
Think of what can be done
For better prosperity
Flooding money in to systems that just do not work
Really drives the nations mad
It drives the tax payer berserk
Looking around things have changed some for the better
But the pressure on families is like bad stormy weather
Except in this case no one knows when the tide is going to turn
How much we have to go through for governments to run
We all do our best to provide for our society
But what will it take for us to get back to the normal or as normal as can be
We all want the best for ourselves and our family
Reach out and help those that need your help
A listening ear can mean so much
When that person has lost everything
You maybe their only crutch

Mind Boggles

My mind is like a whirl pool
My brain is caving in
I need some energy now
I need to get my brain plugged in

Now where is the lead that will make it work again
I think I left it on the pillow
When I woke up this morning
I think I forgot

If it was not screwed on to my body
I don’t know where exactly I would be
I need food to keep it nurtured
To keep it ticking strong

My brain cells feel like they have been dragged along with a sprong
I read to educate my mind
To learn all I can
I try to keep it in
But it wants to escape off

Remembering stuff and images in my mind
I wish I had a photographic memory
Study wouldn’t be my enemy
Life would be so simple

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Where are my brain cells gone

I have been studying all year
Getting myself into gear
Trying to make sense of it all

But as much as I try
I ask myself why
And how will I remember
I do each assignment
The best that I can
Sometimes I wish I had powers of super woman

As time ticks on and the exams come so close
I feel like I am coming down with a dose
But sure it is only tiredness
That is kicking in
For Freud has done my poor head in

As has Piaget, Kohlberg and Vygotsky too
As has Margaret Donaldson and David alkind
And Harry Harlows experiment
Poor monkeys on my mind

Erikson social emotional development
Where is mine?
The social development is hung on the line
My psychology is suffering as is my mental health
I wonder will I remember
All these theorists and their life spent

Social studies is statistics and community based
Of other ways of living
Of other cultural based
Wonders and knowledge they fill my mind
If I look at these books any more
I think I will go blind

Cognitive, social emotional and language development
Psychology and the brain
And structures of the mind
Say a prayer I will remember
All of these combined

As I sit my exams tomorrow and next week
The out looks not good
My knees feel all weak
Ah no point in worrying
I might be fine
Sure I have someone to study
I have David alkind

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A world beneath me

I went swimming one day with friends
We couldn’t wait to get in
The sun was making us warm and hot
I felt like I was going to melt on the spot

So I took off my clothes and dived right in
Only me in my bikini
And we all began to swim
It was nice and cool
I loved it so much

So we decided to race
I said go and off we went
Down the river we go
I found that I was left behind
Then all of a sudden
I was there and then I gone

I was dragged down under the water
Into a twirl hole
I tried to pull myself out
But I could set myself free

I could see the bubbles flow from my mouth
I could hear myself cry out
Could hear myself shout
Then a hand reached out to help me
But it came from below the river bed
I thought this to be strange

But I was glad of the help
Then I felt myself pulled through a tunnel of light
With many beautiful colours
Made me laugh with delight

I was turning and tossing as it pulled me through
When all of a sudden I was in a world of new
I looked around there were people everywhere
Little ones large ones strange ones as well
Some had two heads others had three
Some had wings and feathers on their knees

Some had green skin and blue skin too
Some had ten fingers and ten toes
While others had none
At first I was wondering had something happened to humanity
But then I realised I was in a new world
No one else could see

Welcome my child whispered a fairy type girl in my ear
Were glad you could join us in our little world here
Who are you? What are you? How did you get here?
We were about to ask you the same thing my dear
We have been here since the beginning of time
We have been looking up at you all from our scope

Can I look at what it is you see?
Of course you can my dear
So as I looked I could my friends were worried about me
I told this strange little people
That I would need to return to those who love me

Of course you can any time you like
But I wanted to run around for another while and ride the chocolate bike
And fly above the candy clouds
The sugar trees too
The fizzy water that filled the walls
Was of colours such as baby blue
The sky was dazzling with glitter
The grass was soft and bouncy to squeeze
Oh I wish I could stay here and play on the wafer trees

Its time to go my dear but come back anytime
Just don’t tell anyone about us here
We don’t want others to find us
We know you’re good and caring
Thank you for sharing
Your time with us here
Now go home my dear

I was sucked through a coloured glass it had a tunnel attached
When all of a sudden I was in the race again
Like nothing ever happened
But instead of been last I was at the winning line

From that day on I knew where I belong
I thanked them everyday
For letting me into their little world
I promise I come back some day
So I visit often and they come up here too
I am glad I know these little people

Visitors from Stars

As I lay in the field
Staring up at the stars
Along came something strange
A huge glowing light
I felt like something was not quite right

There was a noise coming out of it
Like a strange tunnel sound
I was shocked I was stunned
I was truly left profound

This strange image in front me
Had me froze in my position
I could feel my mind twitching
It was like it was taking over my mind
And no one was in sight
The light it made me feel blind

All of sudden I was lifted from the ground
Pulled from all I knew
I felt my body go up
I was in the sky
Been brought into this light

When I finally got there
No one to greet me
Only a strange looking thing with lots of hair
Who are you I asked in a scared crackled voice

It didn’t answer me
It didn’t look nice
It smelt very funny
Like gone off cheese
Please don’t hurt please oh please!

It laughed out loud
Like it found me amusing
I looked at it as if to say
This is all very confusing
Where are you bringing me

What do you want with me
You will soon find out my dear
This was all to scary
We finally got to where he wanted me to go
I was put on a piece of material
It resembled wood

We brought you here
Because you care
You’re the only one of your generation
Who wants to share?
Others want it now
Don’t want to wait
So we want you join us
And live with us here

But what about my family
They need me to
Ah that’s okay we have them here along with us too
Then out came her parents
They looked so different
They had extra eyes and ears you see
Kind of like a elf

They pointed in the air
Will I look like this?
Yes you will ok I don’t mind
I want to be myself
So off they went for this new life you see
Shame it was only a dream
They put me back because I shouted for ice cream

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Glistening Sky

As we drove along the dark road way
In the still of the night
Clouds hung low in the glistening sky
Were we the only ones on this road alone?

When all of a sudden my button popped out of my blouse
Oh my I said to him
I need to pull over to find it at once
He said he would find it this was his response

So he crouched himself over to my side to see
When I then lost control of the car oh deary me
With tear filled eyes how scared was I
I had no other choice but to stop right now

The tires had blown out
The car just would go
As we looked at the damage
He stood up this man of mine
He was wearing a mask

What are you at I exclaimed to him
Stop messing I don’t find this funny
He didn’t mutter a word
Just came at me with a knife
He swung it high and low

He began to slash the car
He even caught himself
This man I once new was a different person
I had no clue

I remembered looking to the sky
Something went by
He looked on too
This stopped him in his evil actions
It was an image of a balloon

So as this passed by I locked myself in the car
It grabbed his attention long enough for me to go far
I turned the key to get away
Oh please please work
And so it did

I drove off and as I looked back he disappeared into the night
Like he was never there
As I went up the road there was carnage everywhere
It was like he had stopped me on purpose
He pulled on seatbelt strap
Only for this man I knew
I would have been caught up in the accident and trapped

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Echoes of Laughter

Winds change as does life
Carry me in your mind
Don’t leave my destiny aside
Don’t forget where you come from
You are apart of me

Waters may separate us
As may time
One day we will reunite
And share what we have done in life

To touch your face
To hug you to embrace you with my arms
To see you again
My lucky charm

I miss our chats
Our time that we once spent
If I only knew then
It was only lent

I would of done more
To make it matter
To understand all your chatter
What good is that now

When all that has happened
Your to far away
To see what has gone on
What we went through
What you must of too

If I had one wish
A hand with a token to say
Come back and see me
Come back I pray

Distance is between us
I will keep you in my mind
You’re the piece of the jigsaw puzzle
That has been left behind

When your back at home
With all who love you
I know that distance will be a thing of the past
I know you want this too

We will drink to the water that has past under the bridge
And to the future of our heritage
So for now it is goodbye
For someday we meet again
Until that day comes
Do not forget to lift your pen

Love Blossoms

Lady of the night
Fill my hearts light
Turn down the sun
Until morning comes

If I could walk on water
To get to you
Im sure I would do all I could do
Just to capture one moment
Or second with you

I see you so clearly
You’re always on my mind
You’re the most beautiful creature
A lady so defined

Words can not explain
What you mean to me
You make me have butterflies in my tummy
It is like upside down
My world you see

If I could steal anything right now
It would be a moment with you right beside me
To share what we have
Would be a miracle indeed

So as the stars twinkle in the moon lit sky
I will picture your perfect smile
And the sparkle in your eye
For you are my angel
You have stolen my heart
I wish I had wings right now
To wrap you in and not be separated or apart

I would fly across the sky just to be with you
If it was only that easy to do
So step across the stones and the pathway of life
For one day I know you will be my wife

Friday, 13 April 2012

Strong Heart

As I sit and watch your every move
Your knowledge amazes me
You are like an open book of great
You have seen all there is to see

Life had dealt you some hardship
It has made you who you are
You once drove an old broken down
Worn out car
But you had to sell it for food you see
It was living or the car

You worked hard all your life
At times things were too much
When money was hard to come by
You smoked this was your crutch

Your hands tell stories
Of hard work
In the fields of life you had skill
You gave all you had
You persevered at will

When the walls seem to close in
And the family they fell ill
You fought back with great courage
You did your best not to stand still

I applaud the way you look at life
You stare it down the line
You will not let it get to you
We will not hear you whine

Strong hands, strong heart and strong mind too
You have what we all want to possess
So as you rest your wary head tonight
You will deserve to have your rest

I am glad I knew you then
I am glad I know you now
I am lucky to have you in my life
My father of who I am proud

Know your Beautiful

Thrown from the water
Not knowing what was out there
She did not know this place
She was a visitor here

Looking around at everything new
Like a wild animal who had escaped the zoo
She grasped a breath
A breath of air
As her long locks hung on her shoulder

Her skin of old was replaced with new
What was happening to her she did not know
Strange feeling filled her very being
She was nothing like anyone had ever seen

Water left its trail behind her
Men stopped and stared
Woman looked and compared
She had something about her you see
She was a beauty
The most beautiful you ever seen

As she crossed the sandy beach
Skin tanned colour of peach
She carried herself with confidence
She was amused by all who looked
She wondered to herself if they only knew

I am just the same as everyone
We are all just the same
What you see is not who you are
Don’t fall for this game

People are all beautiful
No matter what you look like
Be who you are
Don’t try to change your light

Her smile it welcomed strangers
She told of who she was
She laughed and made good friends with them
They listened she did not pause

She reminded them to take your life in your own hands
March to your own song
Know where you come from
Know where you belong

Be happy with what you have
That’s the way it suppose to be
Don’t compare yourself to others
Remember your mothers
They are wise and true
Remember you are an image of their life
You can only do the best you can do

Luck or is it

We are the lucky nation
Or so it is said
We hold the pots of gold
And the lucky clover beds

The leprechauns, the stories
The blarney stone it cures
All of those unsightly sores
Hundreds come to kiss it or rub it with their skin
Others come to drink the Guinness, the whiskey and the gin

We hold stories of ghosts and fantasy
Of headless horsemen and banshee
Of dead working men there be
The fields they spell out wonders
And tales of times gone by

Afraid to wonder down them
The truth of who haunts them and why?
The rivers that run through them and portals of time gone by
Don’t read the cards of life
For who knows what you get
Don’t let the ace of spades come up
It is your biggest threat

How lucky you are
It all depends on you
Spend time worrying about it
Can be easy to do
This day do the lotto
To see what will be

And if you’re lucky enough
The leprechauns luck may pass
It’s shining hand over you
But is it luck you need
Or is walking under the ladder
A true tale indeed
So as the day passes wonder and watch out
For the black cat that passes
Don’t forget to wish him luck 

Should of stayed in Bed

If luck was something to be had
I no this day will turn out bad
For its Friday the 13th you see
It is never that good for me

I wake up and bang my head
Off the knob on the bed
As my feet hit the floor
He lets out a snore
The noise it makes me jump of my skin

He turns around happy
Smiling he grins
I look at him with one of my looks
His eyes closed tight
Together like hooks

As I look to myself in the mirror
I feel like a dog’s dinner
Washing my face to refresh my mind
Oh no here it comes
I pull down the blind

Stepping my way down the stairs
Feeling the nerves the hairs on my neck
What will happen now?
I proclaim
It’s all looking good
When bang goes the door
I feel myself jump
A mile off the floor

On I go everything is going fine
Until I put the washing on the line
Then snap it goes
Its all on the ground
The dog is rolling around in it
While I standing shouting at him
Having a lunatic fit

So I sit and sob at the table
I try to gather myself
What more can happen?
He is still up in bed napping
So as I attempt to join the outside world

I walk along I am  doing fine
I am proud
When out of no where as I turn to see
A car drives by a massive puddle
Drowning me
I am wet, fed up
Beyond despair
My new hair do
Is replaces with dirty curly hair

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Something is not right

I call to the door
No one is there
I look to the window
I think I saw someone stare
As I bend down to pick up my key
A shadow it passes right by me

This should upset me
But i am not moved
I am more interested now
Have more to prove
As I walk around the broken down house

With wood chipped slats around it
The smell of old mould
The place not sold
I wonder who lived here before
I walk up to open the door

As I push it open
It forces me back
I use all my strength
Then I hear a crack
I finally make my way in
The dusty old place
The empty bottles of gin

With cobwebs hanging everywhere
No light to guide me through
Something catches my eye
Maybe I have a clue
As I hold this picture in my hand
Of a family from the past

I hear a cry in the distance
I can not run to fast
Will I rush to the door?
Escape while I can
Or will I do what I should
To see who this is

I decide to stay there
Moving myself forward
I hit something
Oh it is only the chair
When I look to the corner
I see a figure in black

It is an old man crouched over
He is wailing back
His eyes are red raw
His body so thin
His mouth full of teeth
Are black with decay

I call to him do you want me to help you
He looks he is weak cannot talk
His eyes say it all
He lost everything
He is now left so small
I bring him to a better place
Where life can be good
But as I help him in the car
His light has left for good

Something is on my Shoulders

I do what I can to do all I can
You push me to my limits
I can not understand
Why I have to feel like the one who is doing wrong
It is hard to do what right
With the devil singing his song

He is always shouting at me
Telling me to get it right
Picking at my every move
Can’t get out of his sight
As I look over my shoulder
The devil is on my back

I carry this weight around me
From morning to night
Trying not let him get to me
I move away out of sight
But he comes and finds me
It knows I am weak
It is hard to hide on him
The devil is stuck to me like glue

I stand and wonder
What more can I do
For this is so unfair
I am more than a few
Leave me alone I shout out in my mind
Stop questioning who I am

I dare not look behind
For he is there watching me
I wish he go away
As I go about and do my work
I feel like I am out of my mind
Leave me now devil leave alone behind

Standing over me gives you something
Of nothing I know still
I close my ears and eyes to you
I wish I had the will
To stand my ground I fight back
But it hard to find the courage
With the devil on your back

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Winters Breathe

As winter freshen our airways
Its cuts out the light
The days are short and worn out
The thoughts of rushing around to use the up the natural dim lit sky

Warm clothing hugs our bodies
Gloves grasp our fingers
Hats smother our minds
Cold takes hold our skin

We run around like crazy to get in from the cold
The children wish for snowfalls
Wish for no school
Of stories to be told

As we breath out a foggy shadow of breath
Our dried up lips clung together
Our pathways dried up and icy now
This is our stormy weather

Cars clutch the frost
Dew it hits the grass
I can barely see out my window
For there fog waving over the glass

Fires lit wildly
Smears of fingers tips
Cold shivering society
Smells of fresh bread and soup
What a variety

Warm woolly socks like fishermans
Throat sweets sucked till no more
Here we fear the flu and colds
The doctors at the door

With every season had cause
As winter animals nest
They hibernate and migrate
To natures wondering hand

As we sip the warm lemon whiskey
To fight off the germs of the land
We nestle in our homes
All cuddly and warm
Running in from the snow
The lightening and the storm


As we are entering Summer
And the skies are turning blue
We want to soak all the sun
We want to buy something new

The birds chirp happily in the trees
Kids fall, cry and scrape their knees
Laughter and smiles fill the air
Everyone is happy Summer is here

Trees flourish leaves are green
Dry dusty ground no rain to be seen
Smells of cut grass hits our senses
Men out fixing and painting broken fences

Rivers run cool to quench our thirst
Run quickly everyone I want to swim first
Long are the days as are the nights
We love to eat the fresh fruits
The children long to fly their kites

Beaches will be full from all destinies
Suntan, lotion and cooling down cream
Red burnt tartan of patches we see
Oh how the summer can damage your skin so quickly

Animals take shelter to warm from the sun
Music it plays we are having some fun
Barbeques at the ready food plenty
Drink to good health
And a summer of wealth

As I look to the sky right above me
I imagine the clouds there shapes amuse me
I can see every plane that positions my eye
Off to their destination way up high

Crab apples and hay stacking the cutting of the corn
Bales piles up high bulls blowing their horn
Sheep grazing and cows to
Pigs slopping around in the mud as the cows go moo

Fresh water as cold as ice from the tap
Salad on the table
No mouse to fill my trap
Only the ones that fill the field
Sure their only harmless
Away from our shield

Wonders of the summer
How we long for long days
Of watching our children having fun
In the summer sunny haze