Wednesday, 4 April 2012

100% of Me

As I try to come up with a poem
I give all that I can give
I do the best to make it clear
Not let the words go through a sieve

I look at what is around me
I tell the stories
Of young and old
Brash and bold

I look in to the eyes of those
I find fascinating
I look to find their story
Of what is happening

The things that happen in my life
Have helped me structure my writing
When I am in my bed trying to sleep at night
My thoughts and ideas hit me like lightening

This is when the best ones come
But I am to tired you see
To put pen to paper
It is too much effort you see

I love to look at a picture
And imagine the artist story
I write what I think it is about
And all about its glory

So when I write it is from the heart
I am  me pushing myself you see
To come up with the best description of who I am
I am 100% percent me  

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