Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dancing Beauty

As she walked down the steps
Not knowing what to expect
She was met with applause of excitement
An audience of respect

They stood to welcome her beauty
They clapped to her talent
Then seated they watched her dancing
Of wonder you can imagine

Like a delicate swan
She graced all before her
Her innocent smile and gracious manner
Left an impact for awhile

She choose her steps quiet perfectly
In sequence each one followed
No sound of movement
Was to be heard
Men swallowed their breath
It hollowed

Woman were equally amazed at such talent
Before them
They longed to be just like her
They wished for what she had

As she took her final dance
Her flower like body
Brought her audience to its knees
For one simple reason you see

Her movements like that of a delicate sheet
Covered each part of the stage
This role was made for her
The words she expressed from the page

That night she was the queen of the stage
There was no other like her again
As the men watched on longing for her
And the woman wishing to be her just then

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