Sunday, 8 April 2012

Double edged sword

I have done all I can to prove myself to you
I have given you so many chances
You don’t have a clue
I gave you my all
I received no love in return

My heart is broken
My mind destroyed
Why did you push me to the side?
Like an old piece of junk

Why do you have to act in this way?
You’re acting like a punk
Leaving me in a state of despair
A mess but do you care

I turn to others
Where are you no where to be seen
I feel rejected
I will never be the same

I plead with you to come back into my life
But what am I like it’s not like I am your wife
I suppose this isolation had played with my mind you see
Why did I let you do this?
Why did I let you destroy me?

I feel alone
But as I answer the phone your voice on the other side
Is silent now who feel alone
You want me back
What am I to do?
I wish I could be as hard as you

Feel your rejection
Feel my pain
Goodbye my love
I will never love you like I did again 

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