Saturday, 14 April 2012

Echoes of Laughter

Winds change as does life
Carry me in your mind
Don’t leave my destiny aside
Don’t forget where you come from
You are apart of me

Waters may separate us
As may time
One day we will reunite
And share what we have done in life

To touch your face
To hug you to embrace you with my arms
To see you again
My lucky charm

I miss our chats
Our time that we once spent
If I only knew then
It was only lent

I would of done more
To make it matter
To understand all your chatter
What good is that now

When all that has happened
Your to far away
To see what has gone on
What we went through
What you must of too

If I had one wish
A hand with a token to say
Come back and see me
Come back I pray

Distance is between us
I will keep you in my mind
You’re the piece of the jigsaw puzzle
That has been left behind

When your back at home
With all who love you
I know that distance will be a thing of the past
I know you want this too

We will drink to the water that has past under the bridge
And to the future of our heritage
So for now it is goodbye
For someday we meet again
Until that day comes
Do not forget to lift your pen

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