Monday, 30 April 2012

Fading Words Disappear

Sitting in the packed room
Shone away from all
Everyone else laughing
Words exchanged having a ball

Time lapses
Her eyes feed fear
Everything she knows right now
Seems to disappear

Flicking her hair over her shoulder
Wondering will this makes her more comfortable
Twitching and hands clasped tightly together
Hunger opens her stomach
She tries to fight

As silence begins to fill the room
And her heart sinks down
Her upset empties away
As her mind it challenged that day

Volumes speak out loud
Shuffling and coughing of the crowd
Speaker takes over the scene of new
Her focus is also fixed too

How she wishes she could feel more
Other than these feeling she is about to explore
Wondering thoughts fill her mind
It fills her vision

Fixated on its precision
As the day folds into itself
So does her appearance and confidence
Fading into who she was once before
Wishing she could mingle and communicate more

She shies away from all glaring eyes
From whispers of the gathered crowd
From atmosphere combined
As the door shuts closed behind her of this place
This derelict building held many a memory of those days

She was the only one who really sat in the room
She was the only one who could be there so soon
No one else existed she was the only one alive
Fading away into the background was their way of life

So as she left this place of times gone by
It almost brought her sadness
And a tear to her eye
Wishing that she had voiced herself when all were there to hear
Now all she could do was do it from an empty room and chair 

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