Monday, 30 April 2012

Fight the fight

As skin changes as does hair
Should we use these face creams
And boxes of colours so many out there
Red ones black ones burgundy and blonde
Which one will I be today?
And where’s my magic wand

Eating healthy
Fruit filled basket of delight
Running, walking, cycling and swimming
Should we give up the fight?

Running around like wonder woman in our super pants
Doing so much we sometimes let out a shout and our rants
Housework real work going like the wind
One hundred miles an hour
Of time we spend

Yoga and aerobics
Relaxing breathing in and out
Sitting down tv time
Let it all hang out

Loose clothes favourite ones
Old tired and worn
Some of our favourites
Especially the ones that are torn

Comfort and softness
Comfy blankets and socks
Stiff drink and cocktails
Vodka on the rocks

Lifetime and special times
Times spent together
Watching the sun go down
Enjoying the sunny weather

So as you sit back after a long day of go
Enjoy yourself and relax
Live life to the max
All the things we do in life all the ups and downs
We go through so many phases
We try to loose the pounds

Be who you are
Be glad of who you become
Do not try to be someone else
Do not try to over come
Something you are not
Be confident in your own skin
Not fade away that would be a sin

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