Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Forest of Wonder

Running through the forest
Trees surrounding me
Grassy mossy ground almost swallows me
Smells of woodland forest

Birds fly above in the sky
Druid rings sit on branches
Children run and stamp their feet
Along the wooden decks

This forest had history
My father’s hands built it
As people walk around
There is barely a sound

The park is open to all
Hear the bounce of the ball
Families having fun
Picnics and a cream bun

Swans and wildlife fill this forest
Its beauty for the eye to see
I can not believe this canvas before me
Like a work of art you see

Knowing my father made this possible
Many years ago
Makes my heart feel warm
Trees hug each other
Keep wildlife safe and from harm

Happiness fills your heart in this wonderland
Entering makes you happy
Leaving it you will feel tired
So as I bring you on this journey of how my father built this paradise
And his friends who helped you see
It makes my heart happy
To see many people smile and the forest wonders ahead
Thank you for joining me

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