Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Glory Hunter

When all eyes are on you
The ball is at your feet
Standing in front of the goal
You want it to go in
Do not want to admit defeat

As a team you pull together
Passing the ball at all times
But there is always a glory hunter
Who runs with it and wont pass?
He is acting like a single man team
Nothing can compare to him or contrast

He is out on his own this fella
Sure without him the team would fall apart
If only he would pass the ball
They would have been ahead from the start

Forward and backs
Midfield their on the ball
Running all over the place
They wont stall

As it comes down to penalties
The scores are the same
Oh what a close game this has been
This wonderful soccer game

So as the crowd stand with baited breath
The atmosphere is electric
The ball is set in place
Will or wont he get it?

As the ball is kicked it seems to take flight
High above everyone’s heads
It looks to be right
Then as luck would have it
Falling down in time
Like a bolt of lightening
It goes in
The crowd shout out
The team you win

Grown men fall to their feet
Women love it all
The team that won the game that day
They deserved to win
Their smiles on their faces was priceless
Nothing can take away that grin

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