Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hard to let Go

As I sit here waiting, waiting for you
Are you even coming?
Why do I sit?
I deserve more

Give me your hand you said
I will take care of you
I won’t leave without saying goodbye
I won’t hurt you or make you cry

So tell me your lies
There all I have heard before
Stop trying to build bridges
It is to late now

Listen clearly
Listen to me
Holding on to someone
Is as foolish a price you pay?
Understanding why you did not turn up
Why you shied away

Break down and be restless
Be the man you once were
Open up what’s in your heart
Bring me hurt some more

I can’t stand here waiting
For you to come back
Waiting for what has never been
I want you to stay away
When looking back
Do not blame me
You’re the one who threw away the key

If I would let you in
To unlock my heart again
I would be foolish
To trust you
So walk away
And keep on running
Cause you have scared me
And burnt me inside
How can I understand or trust again?
How can I confide?

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