Friday, 6 April 2012


When you left I felt so heart broken
Like nothing would make sense anymore
You spoke but I could not understand
Your lips moved and as the words fell from your lips

The heartbreak touched my body my finger tips
You told me your excuses like it would ease the pain
But I couldn’t look at you
Couldn’t look at you the same again

You said that your ship was about to sail
I wished for it to sink you deep in the ocean
To take you under
You broke my heart
My head was torn I would never be the same again

It was easy for you
You didn’t seem to feel the pain
But someday you will
When that person breaks up with you
You will get back what you gave

Life has away of catching up with us
Karma can be hard
Life can be tough
As I sat alone on the edge of the hill

I see your smile so clearly
I know I want you still
You will never understand what you meant to me
As I sob my heart out alone I feel a chill

No arms to protect me
No hands to wash my tears
No comforting words
To keep away my fears

I know that I will move on from here
But for now I want you back I want you dear
So I hope you make a good life for yourself
As I am sure I will too

I know there will be no one else
There will be no one else like you

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