Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I am not to Blame

Why should I feel bad for the trouble you had
You brought this on the people
You made this bad feeling sad
Now we have to pay for your negligence
It is at our cost at our expense
You have the people on their knees
Waiting for help from overseas
Bailouts and bond holders
We have heard the lot
Where is the money gone from the honey pot
New tax’s introduced that no one can pay
Protest and rally’s organised right away
The people stand up for what they believe
Not stand by those who did deceive
Take from your own
When people are on the dole on the floor
They have lost their homes and income
There are no jobs there any more
Why should I apologise for something that was beyond me
Why should the people have to say sorry?
It was none of their doing
They were just trying to get by
They now have to bare the brunt of the Celtic tigers eye
So review your budget now
See what must come next
But while your cosy in your bed
Don’t forget this is a lot more complex
Talk to the people include them in your plans
Stop throwing away peoples income
Into empty frying pans

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