Friday, 13 April 2012

Know your Beautiful

Thrown from the water
Not knowing what was out there
She did not know this place
She was a visitor here

Looking around at everything new
Like a wild animal who had escaped the zoo
She grasped a breath
A breath of air
As her long locks hung on her shoulder

Her skin of old was replaced with new
What was happening to her she did not know
Strange feeling filled her very being
She was nothing like anyone had ever seen

Water left its trail behind her
Men stopped and stared
Woman looked and compared
She had something about her you see
She was a beauty
The most beautiful you ever seen

As she crossed the sandy beach
Skin tanned colour of peach
She carried herself with confidence
She was amused by all who looked
She wondered to herself if they only knew

I am just the same as everyone
We are all just the same
What you see is not who you are
Don’t fall for this game

People are all beautiful
No matter what you look like
Be who you are
Don’t try to change your light

Her smile it welcomed strangers
She told of who she was
She laughed and made good friends with them
They listened she did not pause

She reminded them to take your life in your own hands
March to your own song
Know where you come from
Know where you belong

Be happy with what you have
That’s the way it suppose to be
Don’t compare yourself to others
Remember your mothers
They are wise and true
Remember you are an image of their life
You can only do the best you can do

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