Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Let yourself Go

Eyes are like shadows of heads hanging low
Empty hearts minds of snow
Icy patches across like a mask
Staring into the warmth of the glass

Smiling thoughts
Silent moves
Bewildered words
Shoes with grooves

Foot prints of the outside world
Fill an open floor
Music plays loudly
Happiness galore

Then the mood drops
As the speaker he comes in
He is not one for smiling he doesn’t have a grin
Holding up the bar

Words of hard and cruel
Dribbles from his mouth
Slither and drool
Barely makes his way to comb the seat with his head
This will do him now this is his bed

The music plays out
Women let out a shout
The dust is finding its way
In to the air so bare

As the light slowly passes it
The boards move in time
The men have had enough for now
The women want more wine

Times up now ladies and gentle men
Last orders if you please
Have you no home to go to
Their hungry and want a feed

As silhouettes and shadows pass by
The bar of music and dance
And hotdogs, burgers and greasy chips
Fill the empty hearts
Trying to get home will be no easy task
Flagging down a taxi how much is it? he does ask
He gets in not knowing where to go
Ah its ok I will sleep now he knows
I am to tired and slow

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