Saturday, 21 April 2012

Looking in the Mirror

Life was complicated
Her situation was under estimated
She tried to fit in
But was not allowed

She was pushed in to isolation
Not included in all that was there for the taking
At home things were no better
She worked hard to participate

But to no avail
Nothing she done could compensate
Working hard and getting no thanks in return
Hands tired, body and mind empty

No matter what she done
Others took plenty
Standing alone in the world
No one to turn to

Looking at herself in the mirror
She couldn’t stand at who she seen
Not one for makeup
She had a face of porcelain

Crying in bed at night
Trying to make sense of it all
When a knock on the door the follow day
A friend from the past

Had come to see her
They had a blast
They chatted away for hours on end
She now had someone to turn to she had a friend

Her friend got to the bottom of what was going on
She had isolated herself and didn’t know where she did belong
As her confidence grew so did she
Nothing stayed the same
She could be the person now she wanted to be

Looking and judging herself was her biggest flaw
Looking in the mirror now was so easy for her
Taking pride in who she was it felt like she had won the draw
This was her cross roads
She now knew which road to take
She knew who she was
She was not fake

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