Saturday, 14 April 2012

Love Blossoms

Lady of the night
Fill my hearts light
Turn down the sun
Until morning comes

If I could walk on water
To get to you
Im sure I would do all I could do
Just to capture one moment
Or second with you

I see you so clearly
You’re always on my mind
You’re the most beautiful creature
A lady so defined

Words can not explain
What you mean to me
You make me have butterflies in my tummy
It is like upside down
My world you see

If I could steal anything right now
It would be a moment with you right beside me
To share what we have
Would be a miracle indeed

So as the stars twinkle in the moon lit sky
I will picture your perfect smile
And the sparkle in your eye
For you are my angel
You have stolen my heart
I wish I had wings right now
To wrap you in and not be separated or apart

I would fly across the sky just to be with you
If it was only that easy to do
So step across the stones and the pathway of life
For one day I know you will be my wife

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