Saturday, 28 April 2012

Magical Dust

As particles of dust
Come in the window of rust
They dance like tiny fairies
They glide and make us merry

We wonder as we look on
Just where exactly they come from
As the sun shines down on them
They are going up and down
Causing mayhem

Shadows of spirit like orbs
Bouncing around the room
Especially when it is time to use the broom
White lights of fascination

My mind is drawn in
Heart is a flutter
No words can explain
No thoughts can I utter

Dancing little fairy dust
Dancing like a silhouette
Wonders of what you are
Wonders of where you left

Holding out my hand to catch
You refuse to let me touch you
Pulling, refusing to fall
Sucked up my the very air that you breath
You’re bouncing perfect ball

Free as the mind
Free like the wind and rain
Wonders of your tiny magical kite
So many escape through the portal of light

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