Friday, 6 April 2012

My Paradise

As the mountains touch the sand kissed edge
As the sea slips into the beaches bed
The birds take flight over head
Nature forces wild life to their sheltered place

The wind it brushes the waves up against the rocks
The grassy moss dangles off the cold stones
The colours of purple and pink
Mountains so old

The sand is dark like nothing I have seen before
This isolated island is something the eye can not ignore
The road is narrow nothing between you and the sea
If you were to loose control no one else would see

My heart is beating fast
My breath is fast and slow
But this adventure is and its wonders
Makes me want to go on more

Sitting on the blanket of brown dusty sand
Touching this wonder with my soft silky hand
It prints itself like a fossil inside of me
I will never forget this place

It’s a lovely little paradise
Of purist scenery
You will leave foot prints in the sand
It will leave memories in your heart and mind

A picture could not explain all its beauty
This is a place you would just have to see
For now I will keep it my to myself
My paradise you see

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