Friday, 13 April 2012

Should of stayed in Bed

If luck was something to be had
I no this day will turn out bad
For its Friday the 13th you see
It is never that good for me

I wake up and bang my head
Off the knob on the bed
As my feet hit the floor
He lets out a snore
The noise it makes me jump of my skin

He turns around happy
Smiling he grins
I look at him with one of my looks
His eyes closed tight
Together like hooks

As I look to myself in the mirror
I feel like a dog’s dinner
Washing my face to refresh my mind
Oh no here it comes
I pull down the blind

Stepping my way down the stairs
Feeling the nerves the hairs on my neck
What will happen now?
I proclaim
It’s all looking good
When bang goes the door
I feel myself jump
A mile off the floor

On I go everything is going fine
Until I put the washing on the line
Then snap it goes
Its all on the ground
The dog is rolling around in it
While I standing shouting at him
Having a lunatic fit

So I sit and sob at the table
I try to gather myself
What more can happen?
He is still up in bed napping
So as I attempt to join the outside world

I walk along I am  doing fine
I am proud
When out of no where as I turn to see
A car drives by a massive puddle
Drowning me
I am wet, fed up
Beyond despair
My new hair do
Is replaces with dirty curly hair

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