Thursday, 12 April 2012

Something is on my Shoulders

I do what I can to do all I can
You push me to my limits
I can not understand
Why I have to feel like the one who is doing wrong
It is hard to do what right
With the devil singing his song

He is always shouting at me
Telling me to get it right
Picking at my every move
Can’t get out of his sight
As I look over my shoulder
The devil is on my back

I carry this weight around me
From morning to night
Trying not let him get to me
I move away out of sight
But he comes and finds me
It knows I am weak
It is hard to hide on him
The devil is stuck to me like glue

I stand and wonder
What more can I do
For this is so unfair
I am more than a few
Leave me alone I shout out in my mind
Stop questioning who I am

I dare not look behind
For he is there watching me
I wish he go away
As I go about and do my work
I feel like I am out of my mind
Leave me now devil leave alone behind

Standing over me gives you something
Of nothing I know still
I close my ears and eyes to you
I wish I had the will
To stand my ground I fight back
But it hard to find the courage
With the devil on your back

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