Friday, 13 April 2012

Strong Heart

As I sit and watch your every move
Your knowledge amazes me
You are like an open book of great
You have seen all there is to see

Life had dealt you some hardship
It has made you who you are
You once drove an old broken down
Worn out car
But you had to sell it for food you see
It was living or the car

You worked hard all your life
At times things were too much
When money was hard to come by
You smoked this was your crutch

Your hands tell stories
Of hard work
In the fields of life you had skill
You gave all you had
You persevered at will

When the walls seem to close in
And the family they fell ill
You fought back with great courage
You did your best not to stand still

I applaud the way you look at life
You stare it down the line
You will not let it get to you
We will not hear you whine

Strong hands, strong heart and strong mind too
You have what we all want to possess
So as you rest your wary head tonight
You will deserve to have your rest

I am glad I knew you then
I am glad I know you now
I am lucky to have you in my life
My father of who I am proud

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