Wednesday, 11 April 2012


As we are entering Summer
And the skies are turning blue
We want to soak all the sun
We want to buy something new

The birds chirp happily in the trees
Kids fall, cry and scrape their knees
Laughter and smiles fill the air
Everyone is happy Summer is here

Trees flourish leaves are green
Dry dusty ground no rain to be seen
Smells of cut grass hits our senses
Men out fixing and painting broken fences

Rivers run cool to quench our thirst
Run quickly everyone I want to swim first
Long are the days as are the nights
We love to eat the fresh fruits
The children long to fly their kites

Beaches will be full from all destinies
Suntan, lotion and cooling down cream
Red burnt tartan of patches we see
Oh how the summer can damage your skin so quickly

Animals take shelter to warm from the sun
Music it plays we are having some fun
Barbeques at the ready food plenty
Drink to good health
And a summer of wealth

As I look to the sky right above me
I imagine the clouds there shapes amuse me
I can see every plane that positions my eye
Off to their destination way up high

Crab apples and hay stacking the cutting of the corn
Bales piles up high bulls blowing their horn
Sheep grazing and cows to
Pigs slopping around in the mud as the cows go moo

Fresh water as cold as ice from the tap
Salad on the table
No mouse to fill my trap
Only the ones that fill the field
Sure their only harmless
Away from our shield

Wonders of the summer
How we long for long days
Of watching our children having fun
In the summer sunny haze

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