Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A time to chill

Sometimes there are no answers
Only questions that hang still
No matter how we try to push ourselves
Even when we have nothing left no will

Try to hold my hands out straight
Try to close my eyes to meditate
As circles fill my face
Of colours old and new

I wonder when I finish
What will I do?
As I have been so busy
My days so full of work

Peace and time to myself
Now that will be something I will enjoy
I will not mind it at all
I will watch the clouds go by

Long summer evenings
Time with the family
Nothing to do but relax
Perhaps by the sea

Waiting on my answer
To see did I get a place?
To attend the college I want
To leave the race and pace

Time to read and write
Finish my story I once knew
Catching up will take time
But at least until then I will write poetry and rhyme

Longing for summer holidays
Waiting for the school break
Time to spend with family
And bake some birthday cake

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