Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Title

I send and reply to your request
I do my best to beat the rest
I pick my brains to find deep inside of me
A Title that is worthy of me
So as I sit here wondering what it is you look for
What is your genre of skill?
What is your looking for?
Sitting here my mind stands still
At last it comes into my thoughts
It hits me like a flash of light
Even tough the night closes in
I try and give it my own little spin
I send this idea of mine to you
Hoping it will catch your attention and approval
When I wake in the morn to read your wonderful comment
You feel like it is suitable
You tell me you had something similar in mind
I know my idea was not anything
That I got it right I didn’t jump in blind
I hope it inspires you
Your words are very kind

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