Friday, 27 April 2012

The trouble is our economy

The problems seem to never go away
The problems of years gone by
The problems of yesterday
We are in the same boat
As we were before
But instead of a canoe we are struggling to shore

We up to our eyes indebt in this country
Begging and borrowing from other countries
We have more homeless people on the streets than before
We have borrowing and begging on our doors

No jobs no work the gravy train is dry
The rush of the economy would bring a tear to your eye
The rat race the competition the up the ladder 1,2,3
We want it all now
Cant wait you see

No one can live with the banks taking money out every other day
People wondering if they can survive another day
Bills to pay mortgages due
Tax man is on our backs
Trying to survive the obvious mental cracks

Surplus spending out of control economists
Look on is all we can
We can be the pessimists
We see the talks that go on in the news every day
But talking wont resolve the issues or make them go away
We are been asked to sign a treaty
To give ourselves to them
Or no more bail out funds
No more friendly handshakes or loans

So give in and surrender
Do what’s right for your country
Not have your own opinion
Not give in to the pressure that’s been pushed on you
We refused it the first time
This time there is no return
Some say the nerve of us to borrow
And give nothing in return

We have giving all
That there is left to give
Apart taking out our blood and bones
And putting it through a sieve
Like the bonds and market holders have done
The money is gone there’s no return
People been put in jail for staggering home
Walking along like a snail
When others have caused such immense damage to our economy
Nothings been done to reassure the likes of you and me
We hang our heads in hope
That the tides will turn once more
And bring our families back to our beautiful Irish shores

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