Friday, 27 April 2012

The trouble is a sweet Tooth

The trouble with a sweet tooth
It can give you cavities and a bad tooth
You don’t mind as they give you pleasure
Chocolate gives you joy
Nothing else can measure

Have a banana or some cake
Eat a scone
Or starve yourself of these and feel inside like a rake
The simple truth is their just to hard to resist

We must have them our id insists
We want them when we are tired and worn
When its been a horrible day out
Or our heart is torn

We love round ones, square one and all shapes and sizes
We like ones that come in wrapped boxes
They are the best surprises
Melting the chocolate on your tongue
Or chewing up the last of the bubble gum

Snacking on tayto so salty
So thick and thin
My favourite is mini chips
Full of vinegar
An awful sin

Shame on me for liking these so
I don’t mind
As I find the balance between the good and the bad
I have earned my secret stash of sweets
They drive our kids mad

Everything in moderation
That’s how I was brought up
A little bit of naughtiness
Is what makes us US

So eat your sweets at your pleasure
Be mindful of what’s your measure
Enjoy a bit of this and that
You’re like the cat who got the cream
You enjoy them like ice cream

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