Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Visitors from Stars

As I lay in the field
Staring up at the stars
Along came something strange
A huge glowing light
I felt like something was not quite right

There was a noise coming out of it
Like a strange tunnel sound
I was shocked I was stunned
I was truly left profound

This strange image in front me
Had me froze in my position
I could feel my mind twitching
It was like it was taking over my mind
And no one was in sight
The light it made me feel blind

All of sudden I was lifted from the ground
Pulled from all I knew
I felt my body go up
I was in the sky
Been brought into this light

When I finally got there
No one to greet me
Only a strange looking thing with lots of hair
Who are you I asked in a scared crackled voice

It didn’t answer me
It didn’t look nice
It smelt very funny
Like gone off cheese
Please don’t hurt please oh please!

It laughed out loud
Like it found me amusing
I looked at it as if to say
This is all very confusing
Where are you bringing me

What do you want with me
You will soon find out my dear
This was all to scary
We finally got to where he wanted me to go
I was put on a piece of material
It resembled wood

We brought you here
Because you care
You’re the only one of your generation
Who wants to share?
Others want it now
Don’t want to wait
So we want you join us
And live with us here

But what about my family
They need me to
Ah that’s okay we have them here along with us too
Then out came her parents
They looked so different
They had extra eyes and ears you see
Kind of like a elf

They pointed in the air
Will I look like this?
Yes you will ok I don’t mind
I want to be myself
So off they went for this new life you see
Shame it was only a dream
They put me back because I shouted for ice cream

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