Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wash Away my Worries

Washing away my worries
Washing away my wrinkles
Washing away my dark circles
Oh what a day it has been

Wonder what tomorrow brings
Wonder what song he sings
Wonder where he is tonight
Wonder if he had some fight

Easy come easy go
He is afraid to put his feelings on show
He can hide them oh to well
He can turn right into his shell

Purple glass and heather
Mood swings or stormy weather
Shatter like built up emotions
Like burst of explosions

Falling to his knees
Falling down as she aims to please
Forget me knots
Forget her lots

Try as she may
He will not
Try to understand
The burning feeling inside her heart
It feels so hot

Wanting to be more
Than she can be
Wanting to get away
Break free

As the poison enters down his throat
He will stagger into the night
Like a bird trying to take flight
Gathering himself
Ssshh don’t let anyone see
Don’t let them see the real me

He sways his shadow of himself
To his home
She was once waiting
But has gone now
Not able to take him on anymore

As he realises no more she will take
His reality hits him
He chose it first for her sake
He cannot see why she wont stay
He doesn’t want her to go away
She once returned
As nothing had changed
She walked out the door
No words exchanged

A pitiful sight to her eyes was he
She had more to herself than the eye could see
As the door shut closed
She knew he was no more
She was herself once again
Walking as fast as she could
She almost ran

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