Saturday, 7 April 2012

What would you Say

What would you be doing today if you were here?
What words would you say?
Words were something you were never short of
Your knowledge of the world around you
Now you have to look down on us all from above

We will celebrate this day
Without you here
We know for sure you are near
We feel you walk along side us
At night it to you we pray

We live on in your memory
We know you will not be back
We understand you had to go
We miss your wonderful smile
We miss the crack

If you could say something to us
Or whisper in our ear
I wonder what you would tell us
Of the wonders that up there

You were called away
To soon for me
I remember you nursing me on your knee
Your stories were wonderful
They captured my mind
You seen the words
But we were blind

If I had the clues that were written in your path
Like a map of your future
Like a running water tap
You ran away with yourself
You got caught up in time

I wish you were here with us
On this special day
The mountains we have to climb
All in your memory
We are here only temporary

So as I hold your face clearly in my mind
And your words in my heart
The ones I could see as I was blind
I feel you walk next to me
On my life path
I know we will meet again
My mind it knows that

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