Tuesday, 24 April 2012

When lightening strikes twice

I know I have seen you somewhere before
Remembering you cross the footpath
As I tripped over and nearly fell through the glass door
Your smile and manner it caught my eye

I told myself someday I will get that boy
As time went by so did life
I was with another
Such is life

Then on that night on the bridge
You stroked my ankles
It gave me the chills
In a good way not in bad
My belly went a flutter
I had a smile on my face
Almost looked mad

Our paths had crossed again
We were suppose to be together
We danced the night away
And vowed to live with one another that day

You completed my world
You made me who I am
I am glad to say that you are my man
The simple things that you do for me
Like bringing me breakfast in bed
My toast and my tea

We may be like ships in the night
But I know that night we did something right
We have never split up or parted our ways
Almost 20 yrs now
You still amaze me

Your so selfless and given
All you do for me and your family
No money can buy
The happiness and love you bring to me
I love you more than time itself
You’re my hour glass sand filled heart in my chest of a shelf

As time goes by and our children grow up
They are equal to you and that’s pretty tough
You have been my inspiration from the day we met
On that you can believe
I will never have any regrets
I love you more than now
Even more than then
I wish they could clone you
If I was to mark you, you’re my 10 out of 10

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