Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wild Horses

As you run about like thunder
With freedom on your back
No one to shackle you
No one to whip and crack

No one to break you down
You can walk amongst the fields
You can jump and be yourself
Living life in ease

Drinking from the river bank
Eating fresh grass of delight
Sheltered in the trees hung low
Apples fall below

A favourite of yours
Something of a treat
Hiding away underneath
The suns heat

As you rise to the evenings cold crispy air
Your eyes reflect the glowing stars
Fog steams from your mouth so bare

A white stripe follows the line from your back
This is your signature mark
Your running once again as morning comes about
You’re so gracious and wonderful
As you gallop about

So run free now
No startle to fill your mind
Run like the wind
Not looking behind
As you gallop over the dried side grass
You’re a wonder to my eyes
A beauty of class

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