Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Winters Breathe

As winter freshen our airways
Its cuts out the light
The days are short and worn out
The thoughts of rushing around to use the up the natural dim lit sky

Warm clothing hugs our bodies
Gloves grasp our fingers
Hats smother our minds
Cold takes hold our skin

We run around like crazy to get in from the cold
The children wish for snowfalls
Wish for no school
Of stories to be told

As we breath out a foggy shadow of breath
Our dried up lips clung together
Our pathways dried up and icy now
This is our stormy weather

Cars clutch the frost
Dew it hits the grass
I can barely see out my window
For there fog waving over the glass

Fires lit wildly
Smears of fingers tips
Cold shivering society
Smells of fresh bread and soup
What a variety

Warm woolly socks like fishermans
Throat sweets sucked till no more
Here we fear the flu and colds
The doctors at the door

With every season had cause
As winter animals nest
They hibernate and migrate
To natures wondering hand

As we sip the warm lemon whiskey
To fight off the germs of the land
We nestle in our homes
All cuddly and warm
Running in from the snow
The lightening and the storm

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