Sunday, 29 April 2012

With the devil on your back

Work hard go at will
Try to impress not to stand still
Work, work he cracks the whip
Get it done quickly! Quick! Quick!

Rushing around carrying your heart in your hand
It’s beating so fast
Louder than a marching band
He works you to the bone
He wont stop you soldier on

He roars his orders you bend and please
Don’t stop now you’re on your knees
Scrubbing and cleaning digging and all
The devil lets out a roar break time all

So at last you can rest for a minute or two
To enjoy some thing to eat and drink
But before the food can hit your mouth
He cracks the whip
The devil is back he is shouting once again
Order about these poor weak men

Oh when the day is done and so is the work
Where does the devil go?
Does he go berserk?
His poor family if he has any
No one seems to know
Where does he go?

He walks by gives them shivers down their back
His very presence is enough to make them sick
Terrible working conditions
The devils eyes roll they flick
Come on now get more done
The more the do the less he approves
This devil man is someone’s son

Where did they go wrong?
For him to turn out this way
No respect for others
No time to give
His mind is like a cauldron of sin

So as the evening rolls in
Its time for the men to crawl home
Tired worn and hungry
They can wait to see their loved
The devil man he stands in the middle of their work
And tells himself he will do better tomorrow
To get them to do more than before
He remembers his father doing this to him
He was never giving a break
He was criticised and had to compromise
His life so young away
His father was cruel and hard
He never gave him any love
He did not know affection
He only knew how to dictate and shove

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