Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A world beneath me

I went swimming one day with friends
We couldn’t wait to get in
The sun was making us warm and hot
I felt like I was going to melt on the spot

So I took off my clothes and dived right in
Only me in my bikini
And we all began to swim
It was nice and cool
I loved it so much

So we decided to race
I said go and off we went
Down the river we go
I found that I was left behind
Then all of a sudden
I was there and then I gone

I was dragged down under the water
Into a twirl hole
I tried to pull myself out
But I could set myself free

I could see the bubbles flow from my mouth
I could hear myself cry out
Could hear myself shout
Then a hand reached out to help me
But it came from below the river bed
I thought this to be strange

But I was glad of the help
Then I felt myself pulled through a tunnel of light
With many beautiful colours
Made me laugh with delight

I was turning and tossing as it pulled me through
When all of a sudden I was in a world of new
I looked around there were people everywhere
Little ones large ones strange ones as well
Some had two heads others had three
Some had wings and feathers on their knees

Some had green skin and blue skin too
Some had ten fingers and ten toes
While others had none
At first I was wondering had something happened to humanity
But then I realised I was in a new world
No one else could see

Welcome my child whispered a fairy type girl in my ear
Were glad you could join us in our little world here
Who are you? What are you? How did you get here?
We were about to ask you the same thing my dear
We have been here since the beginning of time
We have been looking up at you all from our scope

Can I look at what it is you see?
Of course you can my dear
So as I looked I could my friends were worried about me
I told this strange little people
That I would need to return to those who love me

Of course you can any time you like
But I wanted to run around for another while and ride the chocolate bike
And fly above the candy clouds
The sugar trees too
The fizzy water that filled the walls
Was of colours such as baby blue
The sky was dazzling with glitter
The grass was soft and bouncy to squeeze
Oh I wish I could stay here and play on the wafer trees

Its time to go my dear but come back anytime
Just don’t tell anyone about us here
We don’t want others to find us
We know you’re good and caring
Thank you for sharing
Your time with us here
Now go home my dear

I was sucked through a coloured glass it had a tunnel attached
When all of a sudden I was in the race again
Like nothing ever happened
But instead of been last I was at the winning line

From that day on I knew where I belong
I thanked them everyday
For letting me into their little world
I promise I come back some day
So I visit often and they come up here too
I am glad I know these little people

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