Thursday, 31 May 2012

Voice of an Angel

Sitting on the wooden steps
Looking out to view
Time to have a break
To rest for a minute or two

She was always on the go
Never giving herself time
To take in all the surrounded her
To take time to relax

Lanterns hung on the side
Of her wooded cabin
That had velvet curtains
Hung inside

Wheels that held it up
Were of such great design
Generations before her
Had lived this life line

With layers of skirt that covered her
And embroidered shawl that lay over her guitar
As the lines of her hand tipped its strings
Out she comes
She begins to sing

With a voice of distinction
Like something of times before
Words that no one else has ever heard
Sure it did not matter
She was the only one there

As the northern light filled the air
It was like she was in a land
Of somewhere else
Some where no one had a care

Her blonde hair strummed the guitar
As her porcelain skin
Shines within
Her emerald green eyes
Matched the skies

As green and blue
And red and yellow too
Filled her heart with words
A voice of an angel
She was never lost for words

As the magic of the might
Overtook her stealing heart
She had to go back
To be the cabin woman again

She remains the story teller
Of the local community
Her voice of an angel
Her exotic beauty  

Wild Inside

The wild lived within her
She craved for it some how somewhere
She wondered how she would fill this feeling
She was covered in its essence

Throwing her eyes to the moon
Her presence changed
From gentleness to strange
She was like a different lady in the night

She had two different identities in her sight
One was cool and calm
Gentle of face
Other was cruel and hard
Showing no emotion no care

Wildness took over her
As she danced in the moonlight
She took her wondering eyes
In to the dancing of delight

As the full moon peaked
This made her more extreme
Loosing control of her body
Like someone you have never seen

Men glared on
Women turned away
She didn’t care
She was really out there

As the night closed in
And tiredness filled her once again
Morning took over
She had no recollection no thought
She went about on her merry way
Smiling as she made it through
Her busy working day

But as night took hold
She dared to be bold
Lipstick of red
Shadows of moonlit fun to behold   

Caving In

As she looked at her reflection
She smiled at herself
Changing her face
From one minute to the next

Who is this girl
Who looks back
She is like no one I know
She is like someone I used to know

With little pink flowers
Gathered all around her
Beauty was surrounding her
It was everywhere

She did not believe
In herself like she once did
She had to check herself
Over and over again

To believe she was her indeed
As her mind let itself go
And her body followed in tow
She realised she could be

Herself once again
As bubbles formed on the top of the pond
And light of colours
Relaxed her mind

She knew she had been
So hard on herself
She had almost been blind
Not to see the real her

She was happy to ignore
She was happy she did go out
That she did explore
Feeling free and so happy

Confidence began to fill herself  
She never looked back
She had discovered herself that day
Been hard on herself was a lesson she had to resolve
In order for her to evolve

Diamond of the Night

As her eyes
Rise above the skies
Lips warm with the sun
Eyes shine like diamonds

They are the camera
To her soul
Showing nothing
Giving her all

Her red lipstick
Is like a soft gentle rose
Skin of bronze
Feeling the dept of it all

Sun disappears behind the clouds
Sea waves crash
Against the sandy shore
As day turns into night
She wants more

Music it plays out
As if for only her ears only to hear
Waiting by the bar
She off somewhere else

In some exotic paradise
Her skin feels the soft cool breeze
She throws her shawl to keep her warm
As she does

Someone comes behind
Let me help you with that
Says the voice so kind
Thank you very much

She responds to him
Do not mention it
It was my pleasure helping
Kindness is a quality

That many to not desire
But you are a stranger of good
A beautiful shinning star
Holding her hand on his she thanked him

As he wished her good night
I am glad that I met someone like you
My northern wondering light

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Blind Folded

Blind folded by all she once knew
She had always seen the best in you
She gave you her all
You stood tall

She never asked for anything in return
You broke her heart
She felt it burn
As she walked on egg shells

For so long now
Her eyes were covered
As the last leaves fell
On your return
She did dwell

Stepping down the stairs of time
Waiting to hear your voice
To help her climb
From isolation

That you created in her head
Others say this is the way she made her bed
But no one knew
What you did to her

Using and walking away so far
As rustic leaves lay on the ground
The silence that fell
Made her heart pound

When looking out the window
As the light hit her face
She knew she could do better than you
She knew you were a disgrace

So as she freed her mind from you
And starting a life of new
She waited no more
She went out to explore
Her vision had a good view

Tiny Wonders

Teeny tiny ladybird
Red with black spots
Small little legs
Hold on to my skin like pegs

Dangling on green leafs
Wondering and exploring
It is fascinating
Beyond belief

Spread out your wings
And fly away home
To the life of your wonders
To breath taking forlorn

Moving along the wooded forest
As light shines down on you
This must be like a jungle
To tiny little you

I remember putting my hand into
Mothers yellow round grown bush
Out came my fingers
Covered in ladybirds a rush

Many of them were red with black spots
While others were yellow
They barely had dots
But they left a lovely mark on me
Its was greeny yellow
And very runny

So as I wish you farewell
As you go on your way
Do come back and visit again
Another fine day

Swinging Arrangement

Beautiful colours so dazzling
So rare
Tantalizing dancing
Of butterflies everywhere

Tiny shapes gather
On your wings in a row
Sucking in all the attention
Up and down you go

Looking closely
I can almost see a kaleidoscope of amazement
All around me is nature’s arrangement
Going from one flower to the next
Your journey seems so complex

Until the next time
I am drawn in by you
Keep doing your dance of interest
And performing in your contest

Sweet smells of Summer
Captured in the air
Wonders of all the butterflies
Fill the warm sunny lair

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jumping Fences

When all else failed
And nothing ever worked
On her friend she could count
Her beloved horse

His black mane and coat
Was as dark as coal
He had one stripe of white along his nose
This was his mark

She held her head down
And whispered to him
I know I can tell you anything
You understand

Brushing his mane
With her soft gentle hand
Her dress she wore
Was long and red

It was separated with a white ribbon
Her hair was brown and curly
With a plait down the middle
Her eyes was full of happiness

For she was with Dante
He was her one and only true friend
She groomed him and took him to the field
Riding him like the wind

He jumped fences
As high as he could
She was jolted back and forth
She was loving it was in her blood

When evening fell
And rolled in to night
She kissed him farewell
Dante bowed down to her as she left him
He graced her kindness
He had taken her out of her shell

Emerald Drums

Lily pads holding her
So slightly on its leaf
Tiny pretty flowers
Popping from underneath

Fairy gathered wings
So softly hang behind
This wonderful sight to see
Would almost play with your mind

Rainbow fish dive
Between her hands
Circular pools of splashes
Going around in a treacle of band

Stones surround this hollow pool
Like stepping stones of green
Mossy drums of bridges
Of the emerald between

Her dark hair is held back
By tiny fairies too
Hear them singing to her
She joins in too

Such wonderful music
It fills the half lit air
No other can come so close
No beauty can compare

Shackled Heart

Purple hair
Laid there
Standing alone
Eyes torn

So sad now
In the land
Holding her hand

Big blue eyes
Just like the skies
Now they were dark
This was no park

She sat all alone
Hurt to the bone
Scattered and worn
Wanting to be left on her own

Drying up her tears
As it slowly slipped away
Thinking of tomorrow
As been a brighter day

Releasing her shackles
That she had placed on herself
Moving her body
To be something else

Tired out worn out
Wanting so much more
Her purple locks of hair
made her sadness disappear

Shadows Play

Standing on the tree branch
As it was covered by falling creeping leaves
Tiny pieces tucked away
Underneath her shadows play

As she sat there staring at all around her
She wondered would her man ever come
Whispers of the forest did not scare her
She was as much a part of its wonders dispersed

Lightening bugs filled her hearts delight
Dancing mesmerizing scenes of fall
Enchanted by everything
This was her call

As the gold tunnel of colour
Filled her emptiness
Her lips waited patiently for him to kiss them
For him to hold her to caress

He did not come
She fell to sleep
Never to awaken
Never to be seen

If only he had come that night
Everything would have been alright
But as karma would have its wicked way
She could wait no more
Not even one more day  

Staring eyes
Dancing heart
Nature had taken her
Away from this man who was marked

She glides amongst the wilderness
By the light of the moon
The golden colour light
Had come far to soon

Monday, 28 May 2012

Velvet Rose

Darkness of forest
Filled within itself
Her shadow of loneliness
Lost in a laneway of no help

Purple grounds
Lilac trees
Blackbirds scattering
Cold harsh breeze

Her dress was as white
As snow on a winter’s day
Her skin was as fair
Her dark hair hung down her back
Dry as hay

Lips as red as velvet rose
Courage embraced her lifeless pose
She walked as if she did not move
Almost hovering above ridges of groove

Tunnels of white
Turning light
Drew her in
With in her sight

As she walked away from the darkness
And birds screeched out to her
She promised she would return
When life of light did not excite her any more

She gathered up her skirt
As dirt fell from her feet
And vines made way for her entry
To a life of living so sweet  

Blanket of the Sea

As she lay beneath the blanket of sea
Her tired worn out cold empty body
She needed rest this was her cover vest
Sand was her pillow
Mountains threw back hanging willow

Dolphins graced the sea so blue
They dived in and out
They were breath taking too
She did not mind them

Her mind was at rest
She was worn from her journey
The sea of shelter it did caress
It cared for her
Soothed her mind

Her hair scattered itself out
As it lay threw around
Shells gave it beauty
Underneath the rustic ground

Sparkles of sand
That dusted her being
So softly and peaceful she looked
Like a mermaid never seen

Waking from her sleep
She was as fresh as the sea
Thirst filled her mouth
Cramped were her knees

Tired half open eyes
Hazy sunrise
Thoughts of fruit filled her mind
Capturing images of playful dolphins
Mesmerized her inside

Shadows of Dance

Dancing amongst the stars
Throwing herself back
As if she was mars
Twinkling light did fill her

Hands flew behind
Pushed beneath her side
Lovingly she gave it her all
Moon struck dreams

She had a ball
Beautiful movements filled her soul
Figures of freedom
Joyless stroll

Imagination moving flight
Speechless crowd
Explosive night
Bathed breath
Held by all

As her beauty held them
Each one they did fall
In love with her performance
They were on their feet

Clapping her very talent discreet
She won them over
She captured the night
Glistening lady
Beautiful sight

Bowing down
She held her own
This was more love
Than she had ever known

Applauding cheers emptied the room
Alone again
Lying on the sparkling moon
As her shadows of then
Flew off and ran
Her memories stayed
She knew she had it made   

Blue Back Mountains

Blue back mountains
Hosting life that surrounds
Blossoming bluebells kicking back
Bursting from the ground

Strobes of rays of light
Golden orange delight
Purple heather hills
Cold cliffs so still

Burnt red crispy leaves
Standing alone
Amongst the trees
Providing food for wildlife
This is their magical home

Green grass
Mouth watering scenes
Gasping breathlessness
Summers breeze

Understanding beauty
Of blue drop mountain view
Cold fresh running water
Quenches thirsty visitors new 

Rainbow Drops

Rolling skies of grey
Turning blue away
Scattered clouds of red
Golden fields of wheat for bread

Lightening colours of rainbow strikes
Pushing away turning pipes
Of broken smoky wilderness
Nature’s arms embrace none the less

Peaking heads of golden sheets
Standing proud above the creeks
Forests rest deep within
Beautiful images hide columns of pins

Spiking tops way up high
Rolling cloth of lit up sky
Shelter crops let them grow
Life stands still
Underneath the evening glow

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Making your mind Up

We are told that we are protected by law
We are promised that things will not change
Not knowing what to do
People have no proper knowledge
No clue

Give up all
Give in
Leave your old ways behind
Leave them tied up
We won’t misguide

Pass this now
Say yes
And cut your own throat
We will not invest

This is what they say
Say no
Please leave us now
Leave us so

We have made up our minds
But persuasion is on their desks
Pushing leaflets through doors
Words of incompetence

Digging an even bigger hole
We will have no decisions clearly
Work jobs and prospects
Will be the changes you will see

Tell us when and where
We will be on the run
No life with family
No home no income

Poor decisions have been made
By all these parties
Listening and reaching for inspiration
From other countries

Why on earth was this let happen
Celtic tiger me eye
Building bigger nations
From the peoples back and economy pie

Social stratification leave us alone
We have had enough interference
We want to have our own homes
Food on the table
Smiles on our children’s face
Not to be pushed into a decision
It is a disgrace 

Love found Him

Looking around in the crowd
Thinking things over
He wanted to see her over
He looked as far as the mountains line

No where was she
He turned away
He wanted her to know
He loved her and wanted to show her

He knew she would someday come his way
In time things would fall into place
It was if love would finally find them both
He waited for his ship to come in

He wished this for them both
Showing her his dreams
As he drew them in the sand
Grasping it the with both hands

Finally his ship did come in
She found his message in a bottle
That had washed up near the strand
She took this tired hurt
Broken hearted man by the hand

His face was alive again
She was watching him
He made her complete
He was her inner belief

Years passed by
They remained the same
Dedicated to one another
Never separating again 

Without a Chase

He waited and waited
For her to come
But no answer
Not a single tone

He wondered why
What had he done wrong
Did she even want him
Did he come on to strong

As his head hit the pillow
And the fog filled his way
His mind was a storm in action
At war with itself 

Eventually given in to sleep
His tired muscle toned body
Lay still
She wondered why he didn’t ring her still

So she waited for him
As he waited for her
Wires getting crossed
Had made this occur

When walking along the beach
They eventually did meet
Questions were asked
She felt rejected and hurt
As did he

When finally they talked
And seen what was happening
It was as if it was meant to be
Cupid was playing games with their hearts maybe

Holding hands together
Walking off into the sun
They both won each other
Heart strings were on the run 

Washed up Memories

White cabins of worn out memories
Was all they knew
Others who followed
Wouldn’t have a clue

Singing their song
As they walked along
Coming back to nothing
Not knowing where they belong

Wonders of time
That went by
Closing their eyes
As flash backs filled them up

All they can remember is hardship
As fields of gold replaced
Times of old
Working hard for what they had

Burnt out crops
Anything that was rescued they were glad
As the sun dried up all that they had done
No rain for weeks

It was almost gone
Then out of no where
Like miracles that be
Towering of droplets
Immersing like the sea

Rain it fell hard
They were all in the fields
Showering and shouting
Singing its praise

This was a day
When something wonderful happened indeed
When all that they had wished for
To help them grow their seeds

Wash away the weeds
Bring on the crops
Wash down the porch
With your haze of raindrops

Scurrying to shelter
In a run down old shed
Now they fell to sleep
They lay here in their beds  

Silhouette Skies

As she came in to the dark room
All she could see was a bare candle
She lit it up with her match
Then at the door there was a knock a scratch

He came in bowed to her
Told her what she wanted to hear
He always loved her
He wanted her near

As the moon lit sky
Captured her dazzling eyes
He held her in his
Big strong arms

He left that night
Off he rode
On his black horse or speed
He did not want to go but he agreed

The men came that night to take her away
They wanted her
She asked them to let her stay
Wanting her for themselves

Broken hearted she was
Been forced from her home
Shouting out leave me alone
Would he hear her
Would he come  

He did she had gone
It was too late
She left him a clue tied to the gate
Her ribbon that she wore in her hair

The one he gave her
When he first met her there
He followed the tracks
Of their selfish path

He never gave up
He never looked back
He rode all through out the night
Until early morning light

Until he finally came to where
He found her laying all alone
Brushing her hair from her cold fair skin
She gazed into his big brown eyes
They shared a grin
Riding off into the early suns morning rise
He had won her back
His lady of the silhouette skies  

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hairy Tales

Long ones
Short ones
Stubble on the face
Bum fluff
Baby boys
Feeling out of place

Arm pits underneath
Filled with gruesome hair
No don’t look it growing every where
Like pine needles startled
Forrest underneath

Oh no to warm need air now
Oh short sleeves they will do
Maybe a nice dress would work
Oh no may shave there now too

There is always one that peeps out
To kick you when your down
It is like it waving at you
It is long hairy and brown

Waxing and shaving every where
Hours spent alone on this
Tweezers at the ready
Don’t try this when your …..drunk

Red face chin eyes weeping tears
Torn dry skin
God those are large over grown hairs
Leave them long enough
And you will need a garden shears

Laughter is in the Air

Raindrops of colour
Hit the seashore
Canvass of coral
Canvass of white
Brown sandy pebbles
Natures delight

Underneath sand hills
Glass bottles
Seagulls and fish gills
Sea shells
Boarder line
Long days

Buckets and spades
Summer haze
Sun lotion
Kites motion
Dogs chase
Children race

Balls bounce
Announcers pronounce
Speakers sell wares
Card players

Ice cream truck
Mud and muck
Ponds and ducks
Swings and slides
Laughter and smiles

Long days and nights
Summer delights
Live it love it
Soak it up
Enjoy holidays
With loved ones

On his feet Again

He felt his hands
He felt his recovery for the first time
His legs finally worked
He was moving for the first time fast

His prayers were answered finally
He was able to move all that he couldn’t before
The doctors were amazed
They had given him less of a chance

Pushing himself to get out of that bed
Was his plan
He fought and fought
With all that filled his soul

Not wanting sympathy
Not wanting help
He struggled on with his crutches of self
His elbows rested his head

As morning broke
He decided this was the day
I know I will walk this way
A man of strength
He walked alone

No aid no crutch
He done it his face was filled with happiness
He had done what not many could do
He stood on his feet as long as he could
Until finally given in to rest

As he lay in bed
With smiles gathered round
He had done something magical that day
He had done himself proud 

Fairytale Moments

In her form
She danced through the storm
Under the blanket of star lit skies
Thunder rumbled her wondering arms

Escaping through thorns and wire
She helped herself give way to life that was her prisoner
She was her own fighting machine
Leaving emptiness of her mind and brain

As isolated broken back walls
She hit them with fear
Crying out loudly
But no one could hear

She danced to her own tune
Like many of her generations before
Living on the edge of fairytale stories
Was something she wanted no more

Reality hit her like a ton of bricks
Lessons in life lit her up inside like candle sticks
The button has switched
No longer was she lost

She wanted more to dance for
She wanted more than just to pause
Taking her skirt and softening curls to her side
Into the night this lady did ride

Her motor of freedom
With a long mane of hair
Waited gracefully for her
To ride him again

As she whispered in his ear
Take me away from here
He gladly delivered
This beast so dear

Golden Shades

Brushing her beautiful locks of hair
She admired her curly bouncing colour of blonde
The sunshine caught her beauty
The rays of light did bounce
Her golden shades of yesterdays
Began to spread in every ounce

As she walked past all that drew close
Her hair she wanted to grab hold
Of her soft shoulders touch
Of delicate breathlessness unfold

She was almost like Rapunsel
But she was not locked away
She was walking along the stony pathway
Enjoying a Summers day

As sea air threw her hair back
It brushed it through the breathless air
Men and women alike
Admired her pretty locks of hair

As spirals of arranging performance
Danced along their merry way
She kept her wonderful locks in doors
At least for another day

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Star Struck

As he whisked her away on horse back
She held on tight not looking
Her heart was racing
His was nicely pacing

He longed to show her all that he knew
He had waited for this moment
She never knew
As they rode up the purple hills
He was her love pill

She felt so safe as they rode through the river so low
The current was soft and gentle
His body ached for her touch
She grasped his scent of glow

He was her knight in shinning armour
She was flirty and a charmer
As they settled and he started a warm fire
She was so excited in his strength of manly might

They cuddled in close
By the nights moon lit sky
As spoke to each other in a way
Of wonder and excitement

They slept under the blanket of stars
As he lay down his cords of love
He sang gentle words of how he felt
She was lucky she was lying as her heart was softening

And her mind was a mushy melt
So spell it out in each star
Tell me of who you really are
I am the one who loves you
Who has admired you from afar

Burning Heart

Rolling hills of wonder
Skies of red and white
Like steps of candyfloss
Beneath buried is the dark green moss

Board walk of broken old
Timber so worn not safe to take this pathway home
Hovering over hills of dark climbing lust
Wire torn fences brake the night of morning dawn

Sun goes in to itself
Jets of steam fill roaring skies of world in heat
Smoky velvet is pushed from the old rust
Pine is pressed back

Out of the fire walks a man with an old sack
He has over come what no one else could
Barely breathing as the air is thin
He still manages to smile and grin

Held up by his might
He is a man of strength courage and fight
As blue glassy eyes pierced by cold black air
Shinning like stars in the dark stormy path made clear

Holding his stick and life on his back
Nature is his friend that particular night
With bated breath and inhaling of fresh air
He knows he could have ended up dead somewhere  

In her Light

Pushing his hand towards the light
The tunnel of what is in there
Where am I going
Hands are opened up to his surprise

Fingers are spread out
As his eyes close shut
Feeling the warmth of her love
Is she there for me once more

As lines of tears fall like waterfalls
As he gets closer he hears her call
Scared and frightened of what lay ahead
He was full of emotion as he heard these words she said

Go back before it’s to late
You’re not ready to fall for me
This is not the right time
This is not the right day

He turns to her fading image
And wonders why she has said this to him
She is only a passing dream in his mind
She is someone he has yet met
She is looking on from the side

As he woke from what seemed so real
He realised this was a not the same
As a smile filled his face of what could have been
Someday maybe who knew

Monday, 21 May 2012


She was one tough cookie
She danced until she dropped
Their jaws hit the floor
Their eyes nearly popped

She danced for all their pleasure
She wore them out with thrills
She took their mind away
From the life that gave them chills

Like a beauty of the night
Dancing until the morning light
All wanting her more
Standing around the dance floor

Like no one else was there
A beauty so rare
Others filled the room
Her scent of perfume

Men startled and flung back
Into the heat of the night
She did not notice
They fought the hungry fight

Each one wanting her
For themselves
As her bouncing locks of hair
Threw them off guard

She caught them watching her
Her decisions could be hard
So as the dance floor emptied
And bottled filled music shied away
She kept them wondering for another day

Shallow Water

As orbs of light
Fell from the dark of night
They hit the waters edge and between
Of the lower and upper stream

Stood in the middle
He watched as snow caught the trees in tow
Like catapults of wonder
They filled his curious mind

Hitting his senses
He could only dreamed of what no one else had seen
His eyes focused in the forest terrain
With an open umbrella held upside down

Catching reflections of tinsel sparks
Shallow water hovering overhead
Wild bird’s wild hawks
As he turned to walk away
His mind smiled in captured images
Of that snowy kaleidoscope displayed   

Out of Focus

Darkness fell on his lonely lost soul
He covered his shamed face
Away from this empty place
Silence and solace was all he knew

Wondering across the steel tracks
He tried to fight his demons
Not realising his reasons
As the metal held his feet tight
He was a on a mission on this night

Muscle torn body
His mind was miles away
He just was not feeling himself that day
Running away from all he knew
Not knowing what road to take no clue

As his eyes focused on the stead fast path
He opened up again his mind and his heart
He could now see the error of his ways
He no longer lived life
In darkness and a haze

His shadows of hurt
That once carried him
Were shrugged off now
He knew what was happening

Through no fault of his own
His mind wondered away
Now he felt good about himself
Not caged in dismay

His eyes were opened up by all before him
He wanted more than
The horror and self centering
Smiles were of those who befriended him


Reflections of baby blue
Pink horizons shelter the skyline runway
Beautiful sunshine fills yet another day
Mouth watering images steal your heart
Looking at this beauty
We are worlds apart

Dusted shoreline
Is filled with trees
Stony border works in harmony
Charcoal colour of steamy black
Hidden behind is an old run down track

Stepping stairs of rustic brown
Steeple chasers hang and stare
Running along a lonely line
House over looks from way up high

Staring up wishing to live there
Up on this mountain
In the middle of no where
Tipping of fish open mouths hit the surface
Of tempting thirst fondness

Scraping slate of cracked grey
Columns of statues situated in perfect precision
Looking as tough they have been collision
Caves open up of stories untold
Harnessing its energy in a mould

Flags of Magic

Standing alone in a world of its own
Grasping branches along its path
Orange blossoms fill open land
River runs through the never ending land

Flowing water crunches waves of light
Broken shoulders of cloud
Help birds take flight
Thistles peek up
Between shades of green

Burning reds and yellow
Colour the vast band
Of wonderful eye catching mountains
Pushed against the cold grey fountains

Of rain droplets fall
Down beneath the field
Covered in flags of magic
Sheltered as they yield  

Blue Lagoon

Blue lagoon
Night time sky
Clouds fluff together
Amongst the ruffling trees hung low below

Sparkles of white shinning ice
Gathers around its centre piece
Sun closes in as night time begins
Evening freshness excites nature’s arms

Tall trees stand bare in the background of still
Sandy floors of earth burnt chill
Smoky bursts of grey flushes the dew
Turning day into glistening skies
As on looking sparkling eyes
Watch from above the darkening rise

Friday, 18 May 2012

Please Don’t Cry

Love you
Love love you
Will always love you
Never let go
Let me down slow

Don’t break my heart
Don’t let me fall apart
Walk away
Turn the cheek

Show your true colours
You know you are weak
Sitting playing your guitar
With your whiskey in the jar

As the words slip
From your lips
Every time my heart misses and skips
As time passes by
Please don’t cry

Love love me
From afar
So as you sit there night after night
Singing your songs
Know that I will always be with you
In that heart of yours
That beats strong

Settling Dust

Trying to impress me
Wont work
Keep it to yourself
I won’t be your china plate on a shelf

All alone makes you blue
Been with me makes no difference to the few
Help me understand what it is you want
I’m lost in language of words riddled in stone

No matter where it is
No matter where you stay
Things will not change
Love seems very strange

Hurry in clouds of wonder
Listen in times of need
Race to fill my hearts desire
Emotions are run with speed

Singing notes of humming sound
Tiny footsteps on the ground
Splashes of puddles flat down low
Drops of rain
Particles of snow

So when I hear your whistle
I know that you are near
I know you have made your mind up now
I know you want me its clear

Holding his Hand Out

As he lay on the street
Waiting for someone to greet
He hugged himself with hands held tight
His face worn with eyes no sight

As each person walked by
They would look at him and stare
Tutt and sigh
They were on the moral high
He was in the gutter
Begging was all he could to do to survive

Shame was put on him
Whispers haunted his very soul
He wanted more than these people could see
He wanted what others could not feel

Time was his friend
He held it close
He seen what others could not
As they ran back and forth in haste

His cup was empty
His tired body was too
No one held their hands out to aid him
In his time of need

All except for a small boy who asked him how he was
His mother said leave him where he is  
I want to talk to him he is the same as you and me
He just doesn’t live from the honey tree

He has it hard
He was probably once like you and me
Time changed his life for now
Mum hold out your helping hand
Do not let his life be sucked away
In to the quicksand

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Broken Hunger

Toffee drips from her spoon
She turns to wipe it clean
Her lips touched it a way never seen
No waste was her game
Ingredients of life was written in her name

Broken brown she laid down  
On the work top of pristine white
Crushed it with all her might
Chocolate filled her inner self

Yellow was the colour that caught her hungry eye
Holding it she finely chopped into sliced dice
Smothering it with creamy white
Sweeter than sugar
Melting on her taste buds

She built a tower of her favourites
In to a game of her own
Finished it off with carved flakes of chocolate
Banoffi  harnessed her inner inhibitions of that day 

Love of Pavlova

White was the colour
That whisked its way through
Sugar coated crystals of particles
Huddled together

Tugged in to itself
Wrapped in circular motion
This is really a true love potion
Rise from its base
Hunger is erased

Smoothing of creamy textures
Fill its centre so lonely
Fruit is the juice that drips along its edges of delight
Lovingly placed
Enjoy the happiness of subtle happiness
That fills your inner soul

Over come with all the tastes
Closing your eyes with each mouthful of pleasure
This is truly as white dusty fruit filled basket of treasure
No other dessert can measure
The captivating flavour of pavlova’s grasp

Monday, 14 May 2012

Fighting Crew

Whispers on the wind
Carry tales to him
Shouting of the breeze
Clears his mind over the sea

Letting the waves crash
Help his mind dash
Leave them here
In this place of rash

Suddenly pushed to the back
As the waves of time
Throw him about the land
He is the captain of the sea

Organise the men
Quickly all on board
Do what you can
To help out this weary man

The ship is pulled about
Seems like it is going to crack
The captain takes control he has the knack
He pulls back the sails and tightens up his men
They were just about to loose control

Then the battle has been fought and won this day
But what will tomorrow bring for the mighty men
They pray for good weather and calm seas
Not to be hanging on for dear life
Hopeless on their knees

Today was victorious
Tomorrow will be new
Today they are the fighting crew
Standing united one and all
The captain of the ship he stood tall

With hunger in their bellies
And triumph on their sleeves
They had smiles that filled them with laughter
Wind of the gentle breeze on the air they did breathe  

Inner Voice

Building bridges may seen easy to you
This may seem easy to do
But to much water has gone under this bridge
Feels like it has been carrying to much heritage

History has a way of repeating itself
People have a way of doing such things
Makes you wonder why and what it is about
Why do these things
Why not just let it out

Passing along pathways
Crossing roads never gone down before
Opening up doors never opened once more
As your eyes see all that’s is before them
Hold out your hands and embrace what is there

Open up your heart to those who care
Live and let live
Is how others should see
Let people be who they want to be

We are gentle shoots
Waiting to grow into beautiful flowers
We are not wasted in the grains of dirt
We have the ability do be who we want to be

Just have confidence in yourself
Don’t shy away from life itself
When a door closes another opens
Things happen for a reason
Don’t question just try to reason
Some times there is just no pleasing

Give that all you can
Be all you can be
Be true to yourself
Live life for you
Do what it is that pleases you

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Terrible things story time

The posh gits that lived up the road started to come mixing at this stage and they were really bad they could do no wrong in their parents eyes how far from the truth could this be, which we would learn later on in the time as it turns out there was to be a break in the local school and followed by several houses after. My mother was worried afraid to leave the key in the door now she always left it in it no one ever done wrong on each other but as father said it a sign of the times. He went on to say they just don’t care anymore the generation coming up along. Mother replied sure we don’t know who is doing it. The residents called a meeting and low and behold it was the hot topic the garda came to where is the army replied a voice. It was from the mad one down the road she was an eccentric one. Sure maybe she had a point. Shush came the voices in the background if you have nothing sensible to say go home or sit down and be quiet. Well excuse me for breathing she shouted I am off to the bar care to join me she flirted with the young garda. In his defence he said I am a married man and you’re a married woman now go home. She went on to say I only asked if you wanted a drink not your hand in marriage aren’t we sensitive. So she continued her conversation with herself to the bar, she would be seen dragging herself home in the early hrs of the morning later on. I never understood this kind of behaviour from a woman although she was more like a man in her behaviour , mutton dressed as lamb the local woman would say sure maybe she had her skeletons in her closet god knows she hadn’t many clothes in it she was seen wearing the same clothes all the time . In fairness she could have been mistaken for a homeless person if you never set eyes on her before. I suppose she never had a break in life or many good examples to be seen in her home father was an alcoholic and so was the mother too she hadn’t a hope in hell of been any different lucky for her she had no sprogs of her own to weigh her already decaying body away . So the meeting came and went and the houses continued to be robbed of their worldly possessions. You name it they took it I wish they took that cat that would be crying away all night belonging to smackers or the howling dog that no one knew who owned it a stray in the mist or was he well the detective work began. It was a sunny Tuesday and the brothers and friends fancied abit of a wonder down the fields so they began their travelling adventure down the fields and had to climb the wooden fence go past the old fallen trees over the stream that lead to another . that continued for a bit but they took the short cut over the massive rock well they spoke of it as if it were a giants causeway or something of the seven wonders of the world .   which would lead them to another field if you made it up that steep hill , past the bull over the electric fence past the local wildlife hidden in their borrows . Well I don’t think I ever wanted to go through such an ordeal would you? Who would? But the cowboys and Indians loved the adventure the harder the better mad things they were. They eventually came to this derelict house. It seemed untouched for some reason but on closer inspection all was not as it seemed. The boys looked in carefully just in case they weren’t taken any chances you never know who could be in there or what. As they walked closer they could hear this shuffling noise followed by snoring what is that shouted Paul in his not broken voice he hadn’t matured quiet yet lads said what squeaky head. ah get lost you lot I am sick of it but he had to get on with it no matter what they all had their flaws hadn’t they he would get his turn to laugh at them . Well they got closer and wiped the dirty window with their sleeves they were already filthy. and there in front of their eyes was a figure all huddled up in a ball by the fireside which had gone out there was nothing inside but old newspapers and a head line caught my brothers eye “LOCAL SCHOOL BEEN BROKEN INTO “. Oh my god went paddy Paul covered his mouth with his dirty sleeve shut up paddy do you want get us all killed this guy must be some sort of fruit cake we need to get out of here now and I mean now just then the man awoke from his sleep . Whose out there he shouted help roared the boys well they shot off like the hairs of hell faster than than a flea on a dog they were. as they climbed well jumped the gate Thomas got stuck oh holy god please set me free he roared but the lads were gone they probably assumed he was behind trying to save their own skin more like it ha . meanwhile I was sat at home in the garden bored out of my tree if only I could have been on this adventure the excitement sure I was later on in their stories . So getting back to Thomas and his terrible dilemma he was going no where fast stuck on the gate still but why? Well his pants had got caught up on the wire bit on the side of it. The man who sleeps well did was getting closer Thomas taught to himself I swear to god if you set me free I will go to mass one Sunday in the month okay every Sunday and I will change my ways like hell he would pigs would fly before this great events would take place . This stranger hobo was getting closer and closer before he was right in front of Thomas. Thomas was nearly fainting at his stage with the fear that filled his body sweat was dripping down his pale face then came the vomit all over the grass . Don’t hurt me he shouted to this stranger. Then came a deep voice from the man I wont hurt you why would I?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Run Away

Running away
Seemed so good that day
Hiding where no one would find her
No one would care

As time past by no one came
She wondered what was taking them so long
She wondered where she belonged
Not knowing what was out there for her

Help me she was crying out for help
Felt like she had been pushed to the back of life’s shelf
Make them want me
This will work
But where are they now that she was gone
Little did she know?
That they were crying and looking for her everywhere

Sitting by the river underneath and empty tree
This tree resembled her feelings indeed
Nothing left inside or out
She wanted to scream out and shout

As she decided to do
A passer by heard her cries
What is wrong my dear?
The gentle voice said
It can’t be that bad
As she lay into this person
She told them of her worries

They said she should tell her mum and dad of what she is feeling inside
She said she couldn’t they wouldn’t understand
Maybe they would said the stranger as she held her hand
She assured the girl all will be well

So as they went to knock the door
Her mother answered and raced across the floor
I’m sorry my dear we didn’t mean to ignore
We were so worried about you
As they walked in through the large black door
I’m sorry to mum and dad
I didn’t mean to make you sad
I know I was wrong and I was bad
The stranger made me realise and come back

What stranger there is no one there?
Look as she pointed
She realised then it was only her that could see
So this was ok as all was good that day
She knew this was her guardian angel
That has helped her home and made her make the right choices
As she thanked her she disappeared in to the sunrays

Cut the apron Strings

Where are the ones
Who used to run wild?
What ones do run mild?
Let them free
Let them go
Do not keep them on your toes

Set them free
Let them be
Freedom is a right not a statement
Give the room to do so

Explore and adventure is apart of life
Learning is made harder by been to hard and polite
A happy medium is always hard to get right
But in the end they all take flight

Teach them, love them and hold their hands in yours
Teach them all you know
Expression of speech is the greatest gift of all
Independence is something that will teach them patience

Listen and encourage
Be there when they fall
Be there when they ring you
And have lost it all

All the different stages our children go through
Teaches them and us so much
But we do all we can
To be the best we can

Memories and images of times gone by
Are captured in our hearts and family albums on shelves up high
So watching through the looking glass
At all that we do everyday
Teaches us to stay in control

Knowing that you have done so much right
Makes you wonder why you sit and worry so much
But that’s what we do as parents and guardians
As they move on and grow up
Know that they are just as proud of you too

Horizons Sun

Let the drum roll
Let me reach out for what is in my grasp
Let me travel to far off places
Somewhere I have not been before

Let this interest me
And soak my very soul
Like silk against my delicate skin
Or cold sharpness of a water fall

High above the clouds
Trying to push all the boundaries
Hand on heart cross held beneath my finger tips from the start
This is an item I will not depart

As we land in the rustic sun
Feel life fill me up inside
What joy and fun
Mind wonders of what awaits
Beyond these large iron gates

Only time will tell
As we step up the tiny blue and red flecked stairs
Reaching our destination
As I turn to take all in
The soft breeze catches my mind and breath
I know I have made the best choice yet

Windows give way to shadows on the surface walls
Tiny dust particles enchant like dancing figures
As I step onto the balcony
To soak it all up
The sun goes down to rest till morn  

So let the mist of hazy weather
Give way to night from day
Let our hair down
To enjoy what ever the night may bring our way