Thursday, 31 May 2012

Caving In

As she looked at her reflection
She smiled at herself
Changing her face
From one minute to the next

Who is this girl
Who looks back
She is like no one I know
She is like someone I used to know

With little pink flowers
Gathered all around her
Beauty was surrounding her
It was everywhere

She did not believe
In herself like she once did
She had to check herself
Over and over again

To believe she was her indeed
As her mind let itself go
And her body followed in tow
She realised she could be

Herself once again
As bubbles formed on the top of the pond
And light of colours
Relaxed her mind

She knew she had been
So hard on herself
She had almost been blind
Not to see the real her

She was happy to ignore
She was happy she did go out
That she did explore
Feeling free and so happy

Confidence began to fill herself  
She never looked back
She had discovered herself that day
Been hard on herself was a lesson she had to resolve
In order for her to evolve

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