Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chieftains of the Hill

Standing on the hill
Drinking away
Life stand still
Nothing can change
Do not want to exchange

Standing like kings and queens
Fireside is huge
Bottles of brown
Cans are bruised

The crowds gather in
Bottles of sin
As the darkness lights up
We sip it  up

Huddled together on this hill
Wall surrounding us as time stands still
This is our way
Of spending this day
We are chieftains of the night
Courage takes flight

The cheering has stopped the crowds have gone in closed doors
We still stay sharing our wares
Cigarette is burnt to the butt
We try to suck it for all its worth

Smoky darkness
Of a fun filled night
When we were free
To do as we liked
The days of fun had truly begun
We sat there
In or grassy chairs
Soiled to our skin
But large smiles and grins 

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