Friday, 11 May 2012

Cut the apron Strings

Where are the ones
Who used to run wild?
What ones do run mild?
Let them free
Let them go
Do not keep them on your toes

Set them free
Let them be
Freedom is a right not a statement
Give the room to do so

Explore and adventure is apart of life
Learning is made harder by been to hard and polite
A happy medium is always hard to get right
But in the end they all take flight

Teach them, love them and hold their hands in yours
Teach them all you know
Expression of speech is the greatest gift of all
Independence is something that will teach them patience

Listen and encourage
Be there when they fall
Be there when they ring you
And have lost it all

All the different stages our children go through
Teaches them and us so much
But we do all we can
To be the best we can

Memories and images of times gone by
Are captured in our hearts and family albums on shelves up high
So watching through the looking glass
At all that we do everyday
Teaches us to stay in control

Knowing that you have done so much right
Makes you wonder why you sit and worry so much
But that’s what we do as parents and guardians
As they move on and grow up
Know that they are just as proud of you too

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