Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dance me a Tune

Do your dance
Let yourself go
But down your barriers
Roll in the snow

As I sit on my ankles
He yells out
Give me a bite to eat
And I won’t shout

As he dances this dance
In his own way
He wins us over
With all his display

We have never seen anything like this before
It is something new your dance we want more
We start to try and do it
But laughter takes hold
As we put arm on arm
Together we fold

What are like?
We think to ourselves
Do not worry what you look like
Just enjoy and be free

So we take his word for it
And on we give it a go
This day we shared with him
Will stay with us until were old

We filled him full of food
He filled us full of hope
That someday we may be able to dance
The ring of dance like antelope

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