Thursday, 31 May 2012

Diamond of the Night

As her eyes
Rise above the skies
Lips warm with the sun
Eyes shine like diamonds

They are the camera
To her soul
Showing nothing
Giving her all

Her red lipstick
Is like a soft gentle rose
Skin of bronze
Feeling the dept of it all

Sun disappears behind the clouds
Sea waves crash
Against the sandy shore
As day turns into night
She wants more

Music it plays out
As if for only her ears only to hear
Waiting by the bar
She off somewhere else

In some exotic paradise
Her skin feels the soft cool breeze
She throws her shawl to keep her warm
As she does

Someone comes behind
Let me help you with that
Says the voice so kind
Thank you very much

She responds to him
Do not mention it
It was my pleasure helping
Kindness is a quality

That many to not desire
But you are a stranger of good
A beautiful shinning star
Holding her hand on his she thanked him

As he wished her good night
I am glad that I met someone like you
My northern wondering light

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