Monday, 7 May 2012

An empty Gaze

Hold my hand
Hold my smile
I look with an empty gaze
When I show emotion
You are amazed

Walking around trying to make sense of it all
Not been able to interact at all
I look away
Not able to look your way
Left alone
I will soon come along

Show me
Encourage me
I will eventually get there
Time will need patience
Patience will need time
No loud noises
You help me climb

My biggest mountains
Obstacles in my way
You help me through my struggle
Every other day
Show me what comes next
Teach me all you know
Point it out over and over again
Until I surely know

I need to know what comes next
Or I get confused
I want you to make it alright
I may blow like a fuse
Frustrating are my thoughts
They don’t go away
Just get better with time

You were told I wouldn’t do anything
Never accomplish anything new
But you never gave up on me
You taught me all you knew
There was no name on what I have
At that time you see
People thought I was some kind
Of weirdo maybe

You pushed and found the help
Eventually it was given a name
It didn’t matter to you
For you loved me all the same
I now live and am slowly coming along
I know I would not be as advanced
But you made me strong
Pushed me others wouldn’t
Treated me just the same
Knowing that you were my inspiration
We both share the same name

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