Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fairytale Moments

In her form
She danced through the storm
Under the blanket of star lit skies
Thunder rumbled her wondering arms

Escaping through thorns and wire
She helped herself give way to life that was her prisoner
She was her own fighting machine
Leaving emptiness of her mind and brain

As isolated broken back walls
She hit them with fear
Crying out loudly
But no one could hear

She danced to her own tune
Like many of her generations before
Living on the edge of fairytale stories
Was something she wanted no more

Reality hit her like a ton of bricks
Lessons in life lit her up inside like candle sticks
The button has switched
No longer was she lost

She wanted more to dance for
She wanted more than just to pause
Taking her skirt and softening curls to her side
Into the night this lady did ride

Her motor of freedom
With a long mane of hair
Waited gracefully for her
To ride him again

As she whispered in his ear
Take me away from here
He gladly delivered
This beast so dear


  1. Ohhhhh - very nice!!

    Like the beauty and beast reference.

  2. Thank you Michael your too kind a modern day fairy tale