Monday, 14 May 2012

Fighting Crew

Whispers on the wind
Carry tales to him
Shouting of the breeze
Clears his mind over the sea

Letting the waves crash
Help his mind dash
Leave them here
In this place of rash

Suddenly pushed to the back
As the waves of time
Throw him about the land
He is the captain of the sea

Organise the men
Quickly all on board
Do what you can
To help out this weary man

The ship is pulled about
Seems like it is going to crack
The captain takes control he has the knack
He pulls back the sails and tightens up his men
They were just about to loose control

Then the battle has been fought and won this day
But what will tomorrow bring for the mighty men
They pray for good weather and calm seas
Not to be hanging on for dear life
Hopeless on their knees

Today was victorious
Tomorrow will be new
Today they are the fighting crew
Standing united one and all
The captain of the ship he stood tall

With hunger in their bellies
And triumph on their sleeves
They had smiles that filled them with laughter
Wind of the gentle breeze on the air they did breathe  

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