Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Gauntlet of Light

 His Feelings are like a race
His heart is at a pace
He can do no more
Than he has done

His words have shined and shone
His inspiration has given so much too many
His tired less effort have come and gone
He must lay down the gauntlet now
And let what he has done
Be the winning one

Fatigue has taken over
Life has had to move like a hoover
He was sucked in while all eyes were on him
He just kept going with all he knew
He had more energy than anyone else
Standing aside the chants of fight
Giving away himself to our light

So as we write in clouds of thought
As our words jump off the cliffs that our mind has sought
We thank you for giving us your time
Helping us to come together to poem and rhyme

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