Friday, 11 May 2012

Horizons Sun

Let the drum roll
Let me reach out for what is in my grasp
Let me travel to far off places
Somewhere I have not been before

Let this interest me
And soak my very soul
Like silk against my delicate skin
Or cold sharpness of a water fall

High above the clouds
Trying to push all the boundaries
Hand on heart cross held beneath my finger tips from the start
This is an item I will not depart

As we land in the rustic sun
Feel life fill me up inside
What joy and fun
Mind wonders of what awaits
Beyond these large iron gates

Only time will tell
As we step up the tiny blue and red flecked stairs
Reaching our destination
As I turn to take all in
The soft breeze catches my mind and breath
I know I have made the best choice yet

Windows give way to shadows on the surface walls
Tiny dust particles enchant like dancing figures
As I step onto the balcony
To soak it all up
The sun goes down to rest till morn  

So let the mist of hazy weather
Give way to night from day
Let our hair down
To enjoy what ever the night may bring our way

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