Tuesday, 22 May 2012

In her Light

Pushing his hand towards the light
The tunnel of what is in there
Where am I going
Hands are opened up to his surprise

Fingers are spread out
As his eyes close shut
Feeling the warmth of her love
Is she there for me once more

As lines of tears fall like waterfalls
As he gets closer he hears her call
Scared and frightened of what lay ahead
He was full of emotion as he heard these words she said

Go back before it’s to late
You’re not ready to fall for me
This is not the right time
This is not the right day

He turns to her fading image
And wonders why she has said this to him
She is only a passing dream in his mind
She is someone he has yet met
She is looking on from the side

As he woke from what seemed so real
He realised this was a not the same
As a smile filled his face of what could have been
Someday maybe who knew

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